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Best Diamond Shops in Dhaka City (2023)

best diamond shop in dhaka

Are you seeking for the perfect diamond to make your special occasion even more spectacular? If so, then Dhaka is the place to be! With its wide variety of diamond shops offering unique and exquisite pieces, Dhaka has become a hotspot for shoppers seeking the most beautiful diamonds. From traditional cuts to modern designs, these stores offer something for everyone. In this article post, we will take a closer look at some of the top diamond shops in Dhaka City and explore what makes them so unique. So if you are ready to seek the perfect diamond for your wedding or another special event, read on! .

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Diamond Shop in Dhaka

Today we gonna discuss about top 10 diamond shop in Dhaka based on their staff behavior and product quality and many others thing.

  1. Diamond World
  2. New Royal Diamond
  3. Royal Diamond
  4. Best Diamond Jewelry
  5. Diamond House
  6. Gold World Diamond
  7. Diamond Bazar ltd
  8. Heaven Gold and Diamond
  9. Diamond Forever

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Diamond World – Best Diamond Shop in Dhaka

For over 15 years, Diamond World has been one of the top diamond shops in Bangladesh. With its 25 retail outlets scattered throughout the country, they have built a jewellery house of trust and excellence, known for its innovative designs, diamond value selection and quality. Diamond world commitment to providing their customers with the best service and product is why they remain at the forefront of the diamond industry.

The stores offer an array of diamonds worldwide, ranging from classic cuts such as round and princess to more modern shapes like marquise and heart. They also showcase an impressive collection of gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. Whether you’re looking for a timeless solitaire or, Diamond World has something for everyone.

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At Diamond World’s showroom in Jamuna Future Park, you can find customised jewellery pieces crafted in gold or platinum by their highly-skilled jewellers. And if you’re looking for something extraordinary, they have designer collections from renowned names such as Royal Diamond Dhaka and Diamond International Jewelry Stores. You can even pick up exclusive pieces from Uttara Diamond World, which offers exquisite designs and pocket-friendly prices.

For those who want to purchase diamond jewellery without leaving home, Diamond World offers online shopping options where you can browse products at your fingertips. With unbeatable prices on every item plus free shipping across Bangladesh, it’s no wonder why so many people choose them for their jewellery needs!

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Suppose you’re searching for value in your next diamond purchase. Look no further than Diamond World’s extensive range of quality jewellers offering 3-carat diamond rings at reasonable prices throughout Bangladesh. From Dhaka to Chittagong, there is sure to be a store near you carrying some of their most popular items – guaranteed to dazzle!

New Royal Diamond

New Royal Diamond is a renowned jewellery shop in Bangladesh that has provided customers with fabulous diamond jewellery since 2003. As the first of its kind, Royal Diamond offers various designs, from classic and traditional to celebrity-style pieces, all meeting international quality standards. With two showrooms in distinguished areas, New Royal Diamond ensures customers get nothing but the best.

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When buying diamond jewellery from New Royal Diamond, shoppers can choose certified diamonds from trusted suppliers worldwide. From earrings, rings and pendants to necklaces and bracelets, the store offers a wide selection of jewellery pieces for any occasion. Customers can also find unique three-carat diamond rings with prices ranging between Bangladeshi taka 25000 to 60000.

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The jewellery shop also has an array of gold jewellery, pearl jewellery and other precious stones like rubies and sapphires at their showrooms in Dhaka and Chittagong. Moreover, they offer unique customization services to suit individual needs. With experienced staff and quality craftsmanship, customers are guaranteed superior quality products that will last for generations.

New Royal Diamond’s commitment to customer satisfaction differentiates it from other jewellery shops. The staff ensures that customers get the best advice on which design would work best for them and provides after-sales services such as cleaning and polishing if needed. Furthermore, customers can even avail of special discounts when buying multiple items during peak seasons or bulk orders year-round.

New Royal Diamond is one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangladesh, where shoppers can find exquisite pieces crafted with utmost precision at competitive prices without compromising quality or service excellence.

Best Diamond Jewelry

Best Diamond Jewellery has been the leading jewelry house in Bashundhara City Shopping Mall for over 15 years. Their massive collection of diamond jewelries makes their showroom the largest diamond jewelry showroom in the city. They get their position as one of the top jewelry stores due to their fantastic quality, design, trust and innovative diamond sets. From Kundan to celebrity-worn designs, their showroom has it all!

A visit to Best Diamond Jewellery will leave you spoilt for choice diamond pieces that come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you’re looking for a classic 3 carat diamond ring or a more intricate gold set, they have something for everyone. They are also known for their quality jewellers who craft each piece with utmost perfection and attention to detail.

This is home to some of Bangladesh’s leading brands such as Diamond World Showroom in Dhaka, Diamond Shop in Jamuna Future Park, Uttara Diamond World and Royal Diamond Dhaka. These brands offer customers a wide range of exquisite diamond jewellery including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more at competitive prices.

When shopping for beautiful diamonds, Best Diamond Jewellery is your go-to destination! Their friendly staff & Expert staff will be happy to help you find the perfect piece that suits your taste and budget perfectly. So, if you’re looking for affordable, top-quality jewellery, head over to Best Diamond Jewellery today!

Diamond House


10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Dhaka City 2023

best chinese restaurant in dhaka

The best Chinese restaurants in Dhaka are Cheong Shing, Mainland China, and Kung Fu Dumplings. Dhaka Chinese restaurant prices start from 800 to 2500 Tk. 

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Best Chinese Restaurant in Dhaka

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Dhaka is the capital city of Beautiful Bangladesh, and the city is overcrowded. A Chinese restaurant is a place where people can go to eat Chinese food. Chinese food is a type of cuisine that originates from China(A Country). Chinese restaurants are among the restaurants that generate the biggest crowd in Dhaka. Chinese cuisine is as diverse as its culture, and every region has a new menu. 

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There are many different types of Chinese food, a very popular cuisine worldwide. The best Chinese restaurant in Dhaka is the one that serves the most authentic and delicious Chinese food.

If you are looking for the best authentic Chinese restaurant in Dhaka, this article is undoubtedly for you. The Dhaka Digital team wrote a quality article about the ten best Chinese restaurants in Uttara, Gulshan, Banani, and all over the city.

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Chinese Restaurants Types

There are eight great types of cuisine available in Chinese restaurants. Chinese cooking is shaped by several schools, each with its own unique style and strengths.

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  • Anhui (Hui) 
  • Cantonese (Yu) 
  • Fujian (Min) 
  • Hunan (Xiang) 
  • Jiangsu (Su) 
  • Shandong (Lu)
  • Szechuan (Chuan) 
  • Zhejiang (Zhe)

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There are several types of Chinese restaurants available in Bangladesh. But mainly, three types of Chinese restaurants are widely found in Bangladesh. Each with its own unique, delicious dishes to try. They are:

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  1. Buffet Restaurant
  2. Sit-Down Restaurant
  3. Americanized Chinese Restaurant

Let’s see the top 10 Chinese restaurants in Dhaka City:

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Cheong Shing

Cheong Shing is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dhaka, located at the center of Dhaka City. If you want to try authentic Chinese cuisine in this city, Cheong Shing is the best option. Since this restaurant’s opening, they have established a reputation as one of Dhaka’s top traditional Chinese eateries. They have highly skilled Chinese chefs from China & Japan, and their kitchen and restaurant both uphold the highest sanitation and cleanest standards to ensure food safety recommendations by BSTI. Cheong Shing restaurant is called the best authentic Chinese restaurant in Banani.

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Call: 01944884466

Website: Click Here

Yum Cha District

Yum Cha District is one of the tops and best quality Chinese restaurants in Dhaka at Gulshan. Its unique fused recipes offer a wide array of traditional Chinese dishes. Dim Sun is one of the popular dishes of this restaurant, and some of my favorites are dim sum, dumplings, Wonton Soup, and even tea.

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Want something more than just dim sum? Check out our menu for all kinds of delicious options! and tea, this is the best place to visit & eat. It has two outlets in Dhaka city. One is in the Gulshan. And the other one is in Dhanmondi. This restaurant is also called the best Chinese restaurant in Gulshan.

Call: 01730944216 

Website: Website

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Gulshan: Plot 60A, Road 131, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212

Dhanmondi: Level 4, Gawsia Twin Peak, 9/A Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209

Kungfu Dumplings – KFD Express

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Kungfu Dumplings is another top-class best Chinese restaurant in Dhaka located at Gulshan. This restaurant is known as KFD Express locally. It’s a newly opened and one-of-a-kind Chinese fast food restaurant in Banani with an amazing and delicious menu of special Chinese teas, juices, dumplings, and soups.

Contact: 01311066552

Website: Click Here

Plot 60A, Road 131, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212

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Mainland China

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Mainland China is 4th restaurant on Dhaka’s list of the best Chinese restaurants. Bangladesh’s largest restaurant team, Mainland China, serves traditional Chinese food. Mainland China restaurant is committed to providing you with the best Chinese food taste. 

Mainland China, a renowned restaurant for authentic Chinese cuisine in Dhaka, is renowned for its tempting dim sum and delicious Chinese sauces. They have become increasingly popular for their incredible flavors and hold grand events and parties with Chinese themes.

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Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo Shoot is one of the best Chinese in Dhaka; Bamboo Shoot is an exquisite Chinese restaurant renowned for its wide selection of meat and vegetarian dishes. The chefs ensure high-quality standards while preparing the food, adding a unique touch to their signature recipes with select ingredients. As a bonus, patrons can enjoy the ambiance of traditional Chinese music while dining.

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Grand Prince Thai & Chinese Restaurant

Call: 01841908000 – Visit WebsiteView on Map

Since 1985, Grand Prince Thai & Chinese Restaurant has been a popular Chinese restaurant among the masses of Dhaka city. Under the Prince Group, this restaurant offers Chinese soup, Wonton, and various Chinese items, which people have loved since its beginning. Within an affordable price, the restaurant targets to give the best taste.

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Xindian Restaurant

Enjoy an amazing Chinese dining experience at Xindian Restaurant! The pleasant atmosphere and polite staff make a great spot for a delicious meal. From the appetizers to the main dishes, the quality of the food is top-notch. Don’t miss out on this unique experience! This is one of the best xinxian Chinese restaurants, Dhanmondi Dhaka.

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Olive Garden

Olive Garden, the name of a Chinese brand, is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Banani. Olive Garden has a balanced mix of pleasant dining experiences and delicious Chinese items. Their full-course Chinese items are designed to impress you and make you want to return. The restaurant offers a family-friendly atmosphere and a lively environment to ravish a meal. 

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Boomers Cafe

Boomers Cafe is a great option, whether it is a Chinese meal with your family or an outing with friends. The ambient atmosphere and the charming interior make it the best place to enjoy some time while having mouth-watering Chinese dishes. The set menus are the major hit where you can enjoy a variety of main dishes to choose from.

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Visit WebsiteView on Map

Chilis offers incredible Chinese foods within a Southwestern-style setting. The impressive interior and wide range of items on the menu make it a fantastic place to satisfy food lovers. From the mouth-watering sizzling items to the variety of fried rice, you will crave to try it all. 

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To enjoy Chinese cuisine, you do not need to go to China. Just go or order from any of the top Chinese restaurants in Dhaka.

Top 10 College in Dhaka City (2023)

best college in dhaka

Dhaka City, the capital of Bangladesh, is known for its rich cultural heritage and educational institutions. It is home to some of the best universities in the country, attracting students from all over Bangladesh and beyond. These colleges offer students a variety of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and opportunities to help them develop their skills and achieve their goals. In this article, we take a closer look at the top 10 colleges in Dhaka that offer quality education and opportunities.

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After 10 years of school life, the students of our country entered university life. Boys and girls entered college with many dreams, curiosities and entry into life. A new journey begins for a short time in 2 years. Dhaka city is a magical city and a bustling city. Where there are many colleges. However, we choose universities with regard to the excellent quality of education and the environment of our ‘boys’ and ‘girls’.

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Dhaka has all the colleges where the best people in the country come from. So many people think that going to these colleges means reaching the heart of life. Today I am going to talk about the top 10 colleges in Dhaka city with EIIN numbers.

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Best College in Dhaka City

Top 10 College in Dhaka

  1. College of Notre Dame
  2. Dhaka City College
  3. Viqarunnisa Day School and College
  4. Milestone College
  5. Rajuk Uttara Model College
  6. Adamjee Cantonment College
  7. College of the Holy Cross
  8. Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College
  9. Dhaka College
  10. Dhaka Commerce College

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  1. Rajuk Uttara Model College (EIIN: 108573)

best college in dhaka

On the orders of the Ministry of Bangladesh, Rajuk Uttara Model College (RUMC) was established in April 1994 and started its functionality. It was located in Uttara Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is now the number one college in Bangladesh. To be a college student, you must meet the CGPA requirements for Science is 5.00, Business Studies is 4.25 and Humanities is 3.90. This college started with a branch but is pushing for more students. On the advice of the government, it introduced other industries.

Address: Sector#6, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka

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  1. Notre Dame College Dhaka (EIIN: 108274)

best college in dhaka

The best college for students from Bangladesh is Notre Dame College. Located at Arambagh, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000, the establishment of this college was in 1949. The college provides physical education, intellectual education and spiritual education to its boys.

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  1. Viqarunnisa Noon School & College (EIIN: 108357)

best college in dhaka

The best college for female students from Dhaka, Bangladesh is Viqarunnisa Noon College. It was established in 1952 at New Baily Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are twenty five thousand students in this college in four campuses. The result of Viqarunnisa Noon College is excellent. The name of the school comes from the birth name of an Austrian woman, Viqarunnisa Noon. The school was established to start a modern educational institution for girls in Dhaka.

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  1. Adamjee Cantonment College (EIIN: 107855)

BEST college in dhaka

According to the Bangladesh Army, Dhaka Adamjee Cantonment College was established in 1960 in Dhaka Cantonment. The Bangladesh army supervised the college with strong disciplines and therefore the college can be the best college in Bangladesh. They do not compromise on their quality education. Education, disciplines and ethics – these are the three key points they focus on. In 1995, the Adamjee Cantonment College branch was separated from the school branch. Honours, Masters and BBA courses are currently available.

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  1. Dhaka Residential Model College (EIIN: 108258)

Disciplines and rules that make the student more accurate. Dhaka Residential Model College is known for its disciplines and rules. To be a college student, you must get a science score of 5.00; Business Studies is 4.50 and Humanities 4.25. She is known for her extracurricular activities. They started their journey with the motto “Strive for Excellence”. They admit their students through three processes: written exam, medical and interview process.

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  1. BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka (EIIN: 107858)

BAF Shaheen College started its journey in 1960 with the motto “Knowledge-Patience-Discipline”. If you want to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, you should choose BAF Shaheen College. It is also known as Dhaka Shaheen College and BAF is the abbreviation of Bangladesh Air Force.

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Bangladesh Air Force supports this college and the principle of this college is Air Force Officers. Now there are 4000 students. Colleges are considered  teacher-friendly, Greenfield, classrooms, rules, and general education. Available here in Bangla and English.

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  1. National Ideal College, KHilgaon Dhaka (EIIN: 132078)

Established in 2001 by Ideal Foundation and located in KHilgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The college educates boys and girls in the fields of science, commerce and humanities.

The best colleges have multiple halls of residence. Classes are held in residential settings.

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  1. Dhaka Commerce College (EIIN: 108207)

Do you want to make your commerce background a career? Then you should keep Dhaka Commerce College number one and it is the best college for your choice. The environment of this college is very beautiful. It is a master’s level college and was established in 1989 in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh with the motto “Self-financing, free from politics and smoking”. Soon it will be known as DCC.

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  1. Dhaka City College (EIIN: 107975)

The oldest college in Bangladesh was Dhaka City College, established in 1957 in Dhanmondi Dhaka, Bangladesh. The priority of this college is education. Proper guidance makes this a high college level. Students of this college always give high quality results in HSC. After completing your higher secondary, the college offers you Honours and Masters as it has set up an affiliated program with National University, Bangladesh.

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  1. Milestone College, Uttara (EIIN: 136844)

It is a non-profit organisation established in 2001 by MNRS Trust. It is also a famous college in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The teachers have fully dedicated their efforts to their students in this college which makes the college most famous. This educational institute is located at Uttara in Dhaka city, the capital city of Bangladesh.

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10 Best Jewellery Shop in Dhaka City

best gold shop in dhaka

The Top 10 best jewellery shops in Dhaka are Al-Amin Jewellers , Amin Jewellers , DD Mas , Chowdhury Gold, Gaurav Jewellers and so on. The current 22k gold price is 10 g 54000 BDT .

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Jewellery shop Dhaka

Humans have used jewellery for a number of different reasons: functional, generally to fix clothing or hair in place. as a marker of social status and personal status, as with a wedding ring. as a signifier of some form of affiliation, whether ethnic, religious or social.Humans have used jewellery for a number of different reasons: functional, generally to fix clothing or hair in place. as a marker of social status and personal status, as with a wedding ring. as a signifier of some form of affiliation, whether ethnic, religious or social.

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Jewellery Shop List

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Al Amin Jewellers : Oldest Jewellery Shop 

Al amin jewellers is one of the oldest jewellery and diamond shops in Bangladesh started their journey in 2000 . They provided the best and luxurious gold jewellery ornaments with unique designs all over the world-wide customers.

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They have always believed that the customer needs to be educated and aware, as this is the first step in preventing malpractices in business. As a part of this philosophy, we have conducted several campaigns over the years, to educate customers about purity, pricing, and other aspects. These efforts of our company have gone a long way in the industry, which is now becoming more transparent towards the customer’s interests. We believe that this is our legacy to the industry.

At AL-AMIN JEWELLERS, we take great pride in offering an unparalleled retail experience that takes into consideration every customer’s unique gold needs and preferences. Our trained servicemen have extensive knowledge about the gold jewellery they showcase and strive to deliver excellence, consistently.

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Contact : +88 01717701770

Website : https://www.alaminjewellers.com/

Dhaka Office: Shop – 26,27 (1st Floor), Amir Complex, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Amin Jewellers : Quality Jewellery Shop in Dhaka

Amin jewellers is another top quality jewellery shop in Bangladesh since 1968 and trusted name of modern and aristocratic jewellers in Bangladesh.

The exquisite designs and remarkable clarity of the products have captured the hearts of women, who are drawn to them in a charming manner. Furthermore, the company prioritises standardised quality and customer satisfaction, which has contributed to its ongoing popularity. This approach has helped the brand maintain its appeal in the present day.

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Contact: 028619723

Address: Baitul Mukarram, (Ground Floor) Dhaka-1000.

Website: Amin Jewellers

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Diamond Word – Best for diamond & jewellery 

Diamond World is one of the best gold & diamond jewellery shops in Dhaka since 2006 and this is one of the largest and oldest diamond shops in Dhaka , Bangladesh.Rich people gathering is commonly seen. In the diamond world, there are many aristocrats and innovative designs of jewellery.

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Contact : 01713-199270

Website : https://www.diamondworldltd.com

Address: Bashundhara Shopping Complex

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Apan Jewellers – Largest Gold Shop

Apan jewellers is another best diamond & gold jewellery shop in dhaka since 2005 , and this is a name of trust in Bangladesh .They make unique & eye-catching design ornaments for regular use and price is very low. Young girls are very much attracted to them.They also make many new attractive ornaments for the regular use of womens. They are also famous for managing their stores with great skill.

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Website : https://apanjewellers.com

Contact: 01729-091159


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Venus Jewellers – Best Bridal Jewellers

Vends jewellers is one of the top class jewellery shops in Dhaka , basically they made jewellery items for bridal and others. The main product of venus jewellers is wedding jewellery. As your need you can make customised personalised design here and the service quality is totally premium .They make all kinds of wedding jewellery with their own craftsmen. This is why they are so famous.

Website : https://www.venusjewellersltd.com/

Contact : 


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Sultana Jewellers Ltd – Trusted Brand

Sultana Jewellers is one of the best gold jewellery shops in Dhaka ,It is one of the trusted brands for its creative, excellent, and innovative designs since 2005. There are many unique collections of their store. Their product quality is so good and it is also convenient for the customers. For its unique aesthetics collection, it added beauty to our special moments and made us delighted.

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Ripon Store Imitation Jewellery

The Ripon store journey started in 1984. Here, customers can get their desired design very effortlessly. Customers can buy their set one’s hearts on ornaments at a very affordable price. Ripon Store is one of the most popular names for the middle class people.

Here we listed 10 best jewellery shops in Dhaka , among this list Al amin jewellers and apan jewellers are most famous .But when it comes to buying diamond ornaments, Diamond World is a very famous and common name. Those Ornaments enhance the beauty of the people.