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Best Shopping Malls in Dhaka

shopping mall in dhaka

Are you newcomer in Dhaka City or looking for the best malls in Dhaka? Then you are at the right place. In Dhaka City, presently there are a lot of shopping complexes that offer impressive shopping experiences. The malls are fully equipped with air-conditioned, vast safe places to roam, amazing food courts, and a range of local and international shopping outlets.

Let’s see the list of best shopping malls in Dhaka

Shopping malls in Dhaka

  1. Jamuna Future Park
  2. Bashundhara City Shopping Complex
  3. Police Plaza Concord
  4. New Market
  5. Shimanto Square
  6. Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex
  7. Pink City
  8. Rapa Plaza
  9. Metro Shopping Mall
  10. Tokyo Square

Jamuna Future Park

Jamuna Future Park: Bangladesh’s Magnificent Shopping and Entertainment Hub,Jamuna Future Park stands tall as the largest shopping complex in Bangladesh. Unveiled in 2013, this extraordinary destination is more than just a shopping center adorned with an array of renowned fashion brands. It is a vibrant hub of entertainment and leisure, offering an unparalleled experience to visitors. With its seven-story structure, Jamuna Future Park encompasses an impressive range of facilities, including a state-of-the-art movie theater, a captivating theme park, an invigorating swimming pool, an expansive shopping area, engaging entertainment zones, a delightful food court, and much more.
Beyond the conventional concept of shopping, Jamuna Future Park embraces the spirit of holistic entertainment. Step inside the modern movie theater and immerse yourself in the latest blockbusters, experiencing the magic of cinema in the utmost comfort and style. The theme park within the complex beckons adventure enthusiasts of all ages, with thrilling rides and captivating attractions that will leave you exhilarated.

For those seeking respite from the bustling atmosphere, the swimming pool offers a refreshing oasis. Take a dip and rejuvenate your senses, or simply bask in the tranquil ambiance while savoring moments of serenity. With its diverse offerings, Jamuna Future Park ensures there is something for everyone.

The shopping area within the complex caters to all tastes and preferences, boasting an extensive selection of local and international brands. From trendy fashion apparel to electronic gadgets, and home decor to personal accessories, the shopping experience here is unparalleled. Explore the various outlets and discover treasures that resonate with your unique style.
To further enhance the overall experience, the entertainment zones within Jamuna Future Park provide a range of engaging activities. Whether it’s virtual reality gaming, bowling, or interactive experiences, these zones promise endless hours of amusement and excitement. Unleash your inner child and relish the lively atmosphere that envelops these captivating spaces.
When hunger strikes, the food court offers a delectable array of culinary delights to satisfy every craving. From local delicacies to international cuisines, the diverse range of dining options ensures a gastronomic adventure for food enthusiasts. Indulge in flavors from around the world, all under one roof.

Jamuna Future Park stands as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of shopping and entertainment in Bangladesh. With its remarkable offerings and multifaceted experiences, it has become a beloved destination for families, friends, and individuals seeking a day filled with excitement and enjoyment. Visit Jamuna Future Park and immerse yourself in a world where shopping and entertainment seamlessly merge, creating unforgettable memories at every turn.



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10 Best Sweet Shops in Dhaka(List of 2023)

sweets shop in dhaka

Are you a food lover based in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Do you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied? If so, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Sweet Shops in Dhaka for 2023. From traditional desserts to modern creations, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something to quench your craving or impress guests, these sweet shops have what you need. Read on for more information about the best places to indulge your sweet tooth!

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Best Sweet Shops

Bengal has a long history of celebrating special occasions with sweets. This tradition is an important part of Bengali culture. Dhaka also loves to celebrate with sweet treats and has some of the best sweet shops in Bengal!

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List of top sweet shop in Dhaka

  1. Premium Sweets

    2. Mithaiwala

3. Rosh Ltd

    4. Banoful & Co

    5. Gowala

   6. Muslim Sweets

  7. Bhagyakul Mistanna Bhander

  8. Khazana Mithai

  9. Century’s Dessert Bakery & Cafe

  10. Gowala

Premium Sweets – Best Sweet Shops in Dhaka

Call:+8802 882 1135 Website: Click Here

Established in 1999, Premium Sweets is an iconic sweet shop in Dhaka. Its popularity is derived from the unique taste and premium quality of its products. The store offers a wide range of traditional sweets, such as ‘Roshogollas,’ ‘barfis,’ ‘cham chams,’ and more. They also make some delicious rice items such as ‘Bhuna Khichuri.’ With numerous branches across Dhaka and Canada, Premium Sweets has become a favorite destination for locals and tourists.

The store prides itself on offering only the best quality sweets. Their recipes are traditional but with a modern twist that makes them stand out in the market. The ingredients used are more carefully sourced to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. All their sweets are freshly prepared daily using hygienic methods to satisfy customers.
The experience at Premium Sweets is one-of-a-kind, thanks to their excellent customer service and attention to detail. The staff is always friendly and helpful in guiding customers to find their needs.

From big occasions like weddings to small celebrations, they have something special for every occasion. They make mouth-watering treats and customize items according to individual requirements, making it easier for customers to get the exact thing they need without any hassle.
Premium Sweets is an ideal spot for those who love tradition with a modern touch regarding food items. With quality products and excellent customer service, it’s no wonder this store has become one of the most popular locations in Dhaka for sweet lovers!

Mithaiwala – Top Sweet Shop

Call: Website : Click Here

Mithaiwala is an exquisite sweetshop that has been delighting the residents of Dhaka with its high-quality traditional and fusion sweets. The shop has earned a reputation for its various delicious sweets, including ‘Roshohollas,’ ‘Gulapjam,’ and many more. Mithaiwala can be found in the popular neighborhoods of Elephant Road, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, and Banani, making it one of the best sweet shops in Dhaka.

The folks at Mithaiwala are passionate about creating unique flavors for their customers. They recently added a new flavor to their collection: Chocolate Mango Roshoholla! This delightful treat combines the sweetness of mangoes with the richness of chocolate to create a mouth-watering dessert. Furthermore, they also have monthly special offers that ensure all their customers get something new to try every time they visit!

In addition to traditional snacks like mithais and pakoras, Mithaiwala specializes in innovative desserts such as gajar ka halwa cake, dry fruit laddoos, and chocolate pistachio sandesh. Each item is carefully crafted with fine ingredients such as fresh fruits and nuts that guarantee a taste you won’t forget anytime soon.
No matter what occasion it may be – birthdays or anniversaries – Mithaiwala ensures it delivers quality and convenience every time. With numerous options available in traditional and modern flavors, this sweet shop will surely be your go-to destination for all your sweet needs!

Bhagyakul Mistanna Bhander – Sweet Shop

Call: Website: Click Here

Bhagyakul Mishtanno Bhandar is a renowned sweet shop in Dhaka that has made some of the finest quality sweets since 1989. This lovely shop offers a variety of items, ranging from traditional sweets like Rajbhog and Krishnobhog to non-sweet things like Haleem. Their specialty lies in the unique taste that each item has, which sets it apart from other shops. Moreover, Bhagyakul Mishtanno Bhandar is conveniently located at four different outlets around Dhaka; Kafrul, Gulshan, Banani and Bashundhara.

At Bhagyakul Mishtanno Bhandar, you can find a wide range of delicacies such as ‘Motichoor Laddoo,’ ‘Mohan Bhog,’ and ‘Kheer Kadam’ – all made with traditional eye catchy recipes that have been passed down for generations. Customers also rave about their signature dessert called ‘Rajbhog,’ which consists of cottage cheese balls soaked in creamy saffron syrup – an experience not to be missed! They also offer popular dry snacks such as samosas, fried potatoes, and savory dishes like Haleem.

This family-owned sweet shop prides itself on quality ingredients and handmade products by experienced chefs who understand the importance of taste and texture when it comes to desserts. In addition to this, they are very generous with their portions, and prices are reasonable compared to other similar establishments. Not only do they have a wide selection of items, but they also provide delivery services so customers can enjoy their delicious treats in their homes.

If you’re looking for quality sweets with unique flavors, then Bhagyakul Mishtanno Bhandar is worth a visit! Their extensive menu caters to all tastes – from the traditional favorites to something more exotic – so it’ll be easy to find something for everyone in your group. With outstanding customer service and mouth-watering delicacies, Bhagyakul Mishtanno Bhandar stands out amongst Dhaka and Bangladesh’s best sweet shops!

Rosh Ltd – Best sweet Shops in BD

Call:+88 02 8410453-4 Website: Click Here

Rosh has been bringing sweet treats since 2004. People love Rosh because the sweets are always good quality, affordable and made in a clean way. The most popular items are ‘Lal Mohon’ and ‘Roshgolla’. There are many Rosh branches around Dhaka city.

Banoful & Co – Oldest Sweet Shop in BD

Call: Website: Click Here

Bonoful & Co. is renowned for its exquisite traditional sweets that have been crafted to perfection. Whether it’s ‘Badamijam’, ‘Kheerchamcham’ or ‘Roshomalai’, the variety of delicious treats offered by Bonoful make them one of the best sweet shops in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All their sweets are made with only the finest ingredients, making them a must-have for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

Bonoful’s shops are spotless inside and out, and they take great care in ensuring that their products are of top quality and meet health standards. They offer friendly customer service and provide advice on what kind of sweets would be suitable for different occasions. Furthermore, they also provide home delivery services for those who cannot make it to their store.

The taste of Bonoful’s sweets has become legendary among locals and tourists alike, as many consider them to be the best sweet shop in BD. Their popularity is evident from how quickly their outlets tend to get sold out during festivals such as Eid-ul-Fitr or Puja season – this is a testament to the amazing quality that they offer! From creamy Roshomalai to nutty Badamijam, every bite tastes like a little piece of heaven!

5 Best Resort in Pabna (2023 Edition)

resort in pabna

Are you searching for the perfect place to spend a romantic getaway with your special someone? Look no further than Pabna, Bangladesh! With its breathtaking views and luxurious resorts, this beautiful city has something for everyone. In this blog post, we are going to look at the five best resorts in Pabna for the year 2023. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape from everyday life or an exciting adventure full of activities, these resorts offer it all. From plush rooms and fine dining options to spa treatments and fun activities, these resorts have everything you need to make your stay unforgettable. So read on to find out which one is right for you and your partner!

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Resort in Pabna

There are a lot of resort available in pabna city , but in this article we gonna write about best resort in pabna . Their a million of website they are write about this topics but Dhaka City Digital are totally different of them .let’s start the content

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List of resort and hotel in Pabna City

  1. Ratnodweep Resort
  2. Rupkotha Eco Resort
  3. Pakshi Resort
  4. Hotel Probashi Intl.
  5. Azmiry Residential Hotel

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Ratnodweep resort – Best Resort in Pabna

resort in pabna

resort in pabna

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Address: Jalalpur, Pabna- 6600 Website:  Click Here

Ratnodweep Resort is one of the best resorts in Pabna city, located in the heart of the city. It is a five-star resort and offers comfortable accommodations for travelers looking to enjoy the lavishing greenery that surrounds the area. Guests can choose from 46 spacious rooms including 1 suite, all equipped with modern amenities and facilities. The beds are large and come with crisp white sheets, fluffy pillows and a cozy comforter, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep after a long day of sightseeing or exploring the region. Along with the room amenities provided, guests can also take advantage of the hospitable service offered at Ratnodweep Resort to ensure their stay is as pleasant as possible.

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The resort also has a restaurant that serves up traditional Bangladeshi dishes made from fresh local produce and ingredients. There’s also an outdoor pool where guests can relax in the sun or get some laps in while taking in beautiful views of Pabna’s skyline. For those looking to explore more of what this city has to offer, Ratnodweep Resort is conveniently close by shops, restaurants and other attractions such as Begum Rokeya University and Pabna Museum. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, Ratnodweep Resort provides an excellent base for your stay in Pabna.

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Rupkotha Resort – Top Resort in pabna

Call: 01730-374817  Website : Click Here

resort in pabna

resort in pabna

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Rupkotha resort in one of the best resort in pabna Bangladesh ,Rupkotha resort is a great place to visit, just 5 minutes away from the main town of Pabna. You’ll find nature and local culture all around, with delicious food and friendly staff. The only problem is the narrow and bumpy roads that lead there. If you go, you can find it close to Bangla Bazar bridge. You’ll see a big playground at the entrance with rooms around it. Plus, you can row boats and enjoy the beautiful night view. There’s even a park decorated with village themes that looks really nice!

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Pakshi Resort – Clam Resort in Pabna

best resort in pabna

best resort in pabna

Another top class resort in Pabna are Pakshi Resort ,This place is a great spot for people who want to have some time to themselves. It’s very peaceful after lunchtime with only the birds singing in the trees. You can explore the small but historical Pakshi Railway Station and have a cup of tea by a big tree. It’s a great place to relax and think.

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9 Best Laundry Service in Bangladesh (List of 2023)

laundry service in bangladesh

Do you live in Bangladesh and lead a busy lifestyle? Are you looking for the best laundry service to make your life simpler? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of Bangladesh’s 9 best laundry services that provide reliable, efficient, and high-quality services. Whether it’s dry cleaning, ironing, or simply washing clothes, these services can save you time and effort so that you can focus on other important tasks. From online laundry service providers to those in Mohakhali, we have listed the top 9 laundries offering affordable prices and quality services. So read on to find out which one suits your needs the most!

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Laundry Service in Bangladesh

Are you seeking for best laundry service in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Yes you are right website , there are thousand of service available in Bangladesh but not all are suitable for you . So Dhaka City Digital write an article about Top 10 laundry service in Dhaka.

let’s see 9 best laundry service list:

  1. Top Clean
  2. E-Laundry
  3. Hello Laundry
  4. Pick My Laundry
  5. Laundry Bari
  6. Wash Out
  7. 30 Minute Washing
  8. Dhopa Ghat
  9. Best Laundry Service

Top Clean – Best Laundry Service

Call: 01615-286379  Website : Click Here

This is one of the best laundry service in Dhaka City , Top Clean is an excellent laundry service that can help you wash, dry clean, and press your clothes. They are cautious with every item of clothing, such as shirts, coats, kameezes, sarees, and winter wear for both men and women. When you use their service, you get better laundry results. Fresher smells and nicely pressed items. They also use unique ways to clean your clothes that help keep them from shrinking or losing color.

E-Laundry – Online Based Laundry Service

Call: 01775-070060 Website : Click Here

E laundry is another best laundry service in Bangladesh,E-Laundry is an excellent laundry service in Bangladesh. They have the latest & unique machines and cleaning techniques to help make your clothes look new. They also make sure they follow all the laws, rules, and regulations to protect the environment. E-Laundry is here to make sure you get the best quality service!.

Hello Laundry – Top Class Laundry

Call: 01878 330077 Website : Click Here

Hello, Laundry is a great company in Bangladesh that helps people with their Laundry. On their website, www.hellolaundry.com.bd, you can get your nice clothes washed, dried, and ironed for an affordable price. Plus, they freely pick up and deliver the dresses to your home! They also have special packages like dry cleaning and washing so you can choose what works best for you. Hello, Laundry is a reliable service provider making it easier to keep your clothes clean!

Pick My Laundry

Call:01878 330077  Website : Click Here

Pick My Laundry is a company in Bangladesh that helps people with their laundry needs. On their website, www.pickmylaundry.sheba.xyz, you can easily schedule and pay for services like washing and drying clothes and folding and ironing them. Pick My Laundry offers free pick-up and delivery, so you don’t have to worry about getting your items to the store! With reasonable prices and excellent customer service, Pick My Laundry is a great choice for all your laundry needs.


Chittagong to Khulna Bus Ticket Price (2023 Edition)

Chittagong to khulna bus

Chittagong to Khulna Bus Ticket Price are start from 800 Tk to 1600 Tk and schedule start from 6:00 AM to last trip 11:30 PM. Most popular bus in this route are Imperial Express and soudia bus service.

Chittagong to Khulna Bus


Chittagong is the tourist capital of Bangladesh with a large sea port , Chittagong is large port city on the southeastern coast of Bangladesh. The Ethnological Museum has exhibits about the many different ethnic tribes across the country. Zia Memorial Museum, inside the former Old Circuit House, displays items belonging to former president Ziaur Rahman, who was assassinated on the site in 1981. The landmark Chandanpura Mosque has many onion-shaped domes and brightly painted minarets.


Khulna is the third-largest city in Bangladesh, after Dhaka and Chittagong. It is the administrative centre of Khulna District and Khulna Division. Khulna’s economy is the third-largest in Bangladesh, contributing $53 billion in gross state product and $95 billion in purchasing power parity in 2020.

Everyday there are more than 10000 + tourist , students and business man travel using this route because of Khulna University , Khulna Engineering university and Khulna medical , so when it comes for best bus in this route then everybody hesitate .

Don’t worry Dhaka city write an article about best bus to go Chittagong to Khulna ,based on bus quality , travel time , seat quality and so on.

Chittagong to Khulna Bus Ticket Price

Bus ticket price are depending on class and quality , as we know Chittagong to khulna is one of most busiest route in Bangladesh so the bus also are very premium quality both ac and non ac service available here .

Chittagong to Khulna Ac bus ticket price are 1600 Tk and Chittagong to khulna non ac bus ticket price is 700 Tk .

Best Bus

Imperial Express 

dhaka to khulna bus

dhaka to khulna bus

Imperial Express is one of the top class bus service in Bangladesh , this operator also operate bus service in Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, Khulna to Cox’s Bazar and Dhaka to Chittagong.

Contact: 01821-230324

Website: Imperial Express


Dhaka to Bogura Bus Schedule & Ticket Price (List of 2023)

dhaka to bogura bus

Get all the information you need for a smooth journey from Dhaka to Bogra in 2023: find out about bus services, AC buses, ticket prices and counters here.

Are you planning a bus journey from Dhaka to Bogura? Look no further! We have the most comprehensive list of bus schedules and ticket prices for 2023, so you can easily make your travel plans. With our guide, you’ll know precisely what buses are available and at what times, plus you’ll be able to book your tickets without hassles. Read on to see how we can help you make the most of your trip!

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Dhaka to Bogura Bus

Busy travel from Dhaka city to Bogra is famous for many commuters. The Dhaka to Bogura journey takes around six and a half hours if you are lucky with the traffic, and the ticket prices are pretty affordable. Depending on you and on the type of bus you choose, ticket prices can range from 300 Taka up to 2000 Taka for an air-conditioned bus.
Various buses ply between Dhaka and Bogra throughout the day, so there’s always something that fits your schedule. You can catch a bus at any time of the day or night, making it an ideal option for those who don’t want to take a break in the middle of their trip. Most buses provide snacks and drinks for purchase during their journey, which makes it an even better option.

For those looking for extra comfort and convenience, options include air-conditioned coaches and luxury buses with reclining seats, Wi-Fi access, and TV screens. Such services usually cost more than regular buses but come with extra features that make them worth the money.

Apart from regular buses, you can also find shared vans that offer door-to-door service at reasonable prices. These vans usually charge per person rather than per ticket—making them a great choice if you’re traveling with friends or family. Suppose you’re looking for something even more economical. In that case, public rickshaws will always take you to your destination—although this may be pretty uncomfortable if you have luggage or heavy bags with you.
Overall, traveling by bus from Dhaka city to Bogra is convenient and affordable—making it an ideal option for those who need to get somewhere quickly without breaking the bank!.

Check Their Website: Click Here

Dhaka to Bogra Bus Route Information

Are you planning to travel by bus from Dhaka to Bogra? If so, there are some important details you need to be aware of in order to have a comfortable and safe journey. To help you get started, here is a quick glance at the relevant information regarding your trip.

The distance between Dhaka and Bogra is 221 KM. There are both AC and Non-AC buses available for the journey. The first bus departs at 06:00 AM, operated by Akota Transport, while the last bus departs at 11:55 PM, operated by Nabil Paribahan. The total travel time is approximately 7 hours and 10 minutes. Popular buses for this route include Nabil Paribahan, Akota Transport, S.R Travels, Hanif Paribahan, Ena Transport, Dipjol Paribahan, Orin. Now that you know these details before knowing about Dhaka to Bogra bus ticket price and bus schedule you can confidently plan your trip!

Dhaka to Bogra Bus Schedule

Are you planning to travel from Dhaka to Bogra? If yes, then you should know that almost every popular bus in Bangladesh serves this route. However, it can be difficult for a common traveler to figure out the departure time schedules of these buses. To make things easier for you, here is a table with the Dhaka to Bogra bus schedule which will help you plan your trip better.

Bus Name First Trip Last Trip
Akota Transport 06:00 AM 11:55 PM
Unity Paribahan 06:20 AM 08:20 PM
Hanif Paribahan 06:30 AM 11:30 PM
Ena Transport 06:30 AM 11:00 PM
S.R Travels 06:45 AM 11:55 PM
Dipjol Paribahan 07:00 AM 10:00 PM
Alhamra Paribahan 07:15 AM 11:00 PM
Orin Paribahan 07:30 AM 11:30 PM
Nabil Paribahan 07:45 AM 11:55 PM
Manik Paribahan 08:00 AM 11:55 PM
Shah Ali 08:30 AM 09:45 PM
Haque 08:45 AM 10:00 PM
Agomony 10:00 AM 10:30 PM
ARAFAT Carrage Ways 07:00 PM 07:00 PM

Dhaka to Bogra Bus Ticket Price

Are you planning a journey from Dhaka to Bogura and looking for information on the bus ticket price? Here, we provide an overview of the current bus services operating on this route as well as their respective ticket prices. By taking into account this information, you can make an informed decision when it comes to your travel plans.

Bus Name Non-AC Ticket Price AC Ticket Price
Akota Transport 550 TK 700 TK
Unity Paribahan 550 TK ———
Hanif Paribahan 550 TK 1000 TK
Ena Transport 550 TK ———
S.R Travels 550 TK 900 – 1300 TK
Dipjol Paribahan 550 TK ———
Alhamra Paribahan ——— 1000 TK
Orin Paribahan 550 TK ———
Nabil Paribahan 570 TK 1300 TK
Manik Paribahan 570 TK 1000 – 1300 TK
Shah Ali ——— 1600 TK
Haque 470 TK ———
Agomony ——— 900 – 1300 TK
Shah Fateh Ali 550 TK ———
Shyamoli Paribahan 550 TK 1100 TK


Bogra bus travel is an incredibly convenient and efficient way of transportation for those who wish to explore the region. With the help of this blog, we hope that we have been able to provide you with the necessary information about Bogra bus travel. If there are still any questions or doubts related to this, please feel free to comment below, and we will be happy to assist you further. Moreover, continue visiting our blog for more useful articles on different topics. Thank you for reading!.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Train Ticket Price (2023 Edition)

dhaka to cox's bazar bus

Are you planning a trip to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka and wondering what the train ticket price will be? Look no further! In this blog article, we’ll provide all the information you need about getting a train ticket from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. We’ll cover the types of tickets available, how to purchase tickets, and tips on things to remember before booking your ticket. So if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to get there, read on!

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Train Ticket price

Actually Dhaka City to Cox’s Bazar train route are in built now , so there are no schedule or ticket price has been fixed but As the railway information we are ensure that the ticket price are start from 700 Tk .

Dhaka to Cox’s bazar train:

There are no train schedule fixed for Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar line but as per we know Dhaka to Chittagong train are operated as Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar train .

Dhaka to cox’s Bazar train start date:

COX’S BAZAR, May 16, 2023 (BSS) – Railways Minister Md Nurul Islam Sujan today said that the train service on the Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar route will be launched in September this year.

Train travel from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is a popular route, as it is only 380 kilometers. Bangladesh Railway has determined ticket prices depending on the facilities and destination. Here are the different train ticket prices for the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar route, from lowest to highest: 2nd Class General Ticket Price of 120 BDT, 2nd Class Mail Ticket Price of 180 BDT, Commuter Ticket Price of 240 BDT, Sulov Ticket Price of 280 BDT, Shovon Ticket Price of 350 BDT, Shovon Chair Ticket Price of 440 BDT, First Class Chair Ticket Price of 550 BDT, 1st Birth Ticket Price of 740 BDT, Snigdha Ticket Price of 810 BDT, AC Seat Ticket Price 936 BDT and AC Birth Ticket Price 1499 BDT.

How to Purchase Online Ticket: Click Here

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Train line Update:

From Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, the railway line is set to open in December 2022, according to the Minister. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and issues with securing land for government installations, this project that was initially planned for June 2022 has faced delays. As a result, the inauguration date has been pushed back by six months and will take place in December of next year.

Best Computer Shop In Dhaka (2023 Edition)

best computer shop in dhaka

Are you looking for the best computer shop in Dhaka? With so many different options, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your needs. We understand that every young person has different requirements and wants to get the most out of their purchase. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down the top computer shops in Dhaka for 2023. In this blog article, we’ll provide an overview of these shops, as well as their strengths and weaknesses so that you can make an informed decision about where to buy your next computer. So read on to find out more about the best computer shops in Dhaka!

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Computer Shop in Dhaka

Overview of Best Computer Shop in Dhaka City

I. Overview of Computer Shops in Dhaka
A. Number of shops
B. Technical services offered
C. Pricing & Payment Options
II. Features of the Best Computer Shop in Dhaka (2023 Edition)
A. Quality of Products and Services
B. Expertise & Availability of Staff
C. Location and Accessibility
D. Overall Customer Satisfaction Ratings
III. Conclusion

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Dhaka is home to a variety of computer shops, ranging from small establishments to larger shopping centres. Among them, the best computer shop in Bangladesh offers a wide selection of products and services, including repairs and upgrades.

Dhaka Computer Shop List

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let’s see top 10 computer shop in Dhaka City with details information :

  1. Tech Land BD
  2. Star Tech
  3. Rayns Computer
  4. Tech Land
  5. Computer Mania BD
  6. Global Brand
  7. Computer Source
  8. Skyland ltd
  9. PC House
  10. Custom Mac BD

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Tech Land BD

Call: 09613828201 – Visit Website – View on Map

best computer shop in dhaka

best computer shop in dhaka

Tech Land is a computer special hardware, software & service supplier founded in 2016. With 7 sales outlets throughout Dhaka, Tech Land is well-known for providing reliable and authentic computer products and services. Customers can find laptops, desktops, projectors, gadgets, accessories and more from leading brands like HP, Asus, MSI and Corsair that are guaranteed the highest quality.

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As a member of e-cab and Bangladesh Computer Samity, Tech Land has gained recognition as one of Dhaka’s most trusted computer shops, offering unbeatable prices on all their products. The company’s knowledgeable staff can also provide customers with technical support if they need help setting up or troubleshooting their devices.

The store offers various payment options, such as cash on delivery, bank transfer and credit/debit cards, to make it convenient & easy for customers to purchase from them without any hassle. They also offer free & trusted shipping on orders over Tk 500 for those who live within Dhaka city limits.
Tech Land is worth checking out for those looking to buy computers in Bangladesh at an affordable price point! Their products will meet any customer’s needs, whether they are looking for home office essentials or gaming equipment. With experienced professionals available to advise shoppers on which product best suits & effective their needs and budget, it makes shopping at Tech Land even more worthwhile.

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Star Tech 

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best computer shop in dhaka

best computer shop in dhaka

StarTech is an excellent tech-based product seller in Bangladesh. They have gained customers’ trust nationwide with outstanding services and are highly regarded for their motto: “Customers Come First.” Their products range from Desktop PCs, Laptops, Gaming PCs, UPS, Tablet PCs, Graphics Tablets, Cameras, Security Cameras, and Televisions. Furthermore, they provide different kinds of computer peripherals too.

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Startech began its journey in March 2007 and opened 16 physical outlets across Bangladesh in Dhaka, Gazipur, Chittagong, Khulna and Rangpur. This is only part of it, as they also have a successful e-commerce platform that sells genuine tech products to customers nationwide. This operation is run by 700 employees dedicated to fulfilling StarTech’s motto and vision. Star Tech & Engineering Ltd was certified with ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2022 as a testament to this commitment to quality management.

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All these reasons have made StarTech one of Bangladesh’s most reliable sellers of tech-based products. Customers come first at StarTech, evidenced by their wide range of products backed up by their exceptional customer service – always ready to fulfil any query or doubt that a customer might have regarding any product or service offered by them. The fact that they opened up physical stores and an e-commerce platform shows how much they value the convenience of their customers and how hard they work for customer satisfaction.

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Ryans Computers Ltd.

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best computer shop in dhaka

best computer shop in dhaka

Ryans Computers Limited is a computer store chain founded in 2000 and has grown to 17 outlets nationwide. The company’s Head Office is located at Kusholi Bhaban, Taltola, Dhaka, making it easily accessible for customers in the city. Ryans Computers provides desktops, notebooks, tablets, PC components, cameras, software and more.

At each store outlet, customers can find an extensive range of products from different brands and access services such as repairs and upgrades for their devices. The stores boast knowledgeable staff who can guide purchasing decisions and help customers find the ideal product. Ryans Computers offers several options through their website for those looking to buy components or software online.

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When it comes to pricing, Ryan’s Computers has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for top-of-the-line performance or a budget-friendly option, plenty of choices are available depending on your preferences. The company also offers discounts for a list of purchases and frequently runs promotional activities where customers can purchase products at discounted prices.

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Ryans Computers is worth checking out if you’re looking for a reliable computer shop in Dhaka or Bangladesh. With its array selection of products and services coupled with competitive pricing and helpful customer service staff, Ryans Computers has become one of the best computer shops in the country and continues to be popular among tech enthusiasts across Bangladesh.

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Computer Mania BD

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best computer shop in dhaka

best computer shop in dhaka

Computer Mania BD is a renowned laptop and accessories shop in Bangladesh that has provided quality products since 2011. It offers an expansive selection of laptops from top brands like Apple, Asus, Acer, Microsoft Surface, MSI, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung & Huawei and more. All items come with official warranty and authenticity guarantees. The company has six strategically located branches nationwide to serve customers better, including the flagship branch at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall.

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Computer Mania BD strives to offer excellent customer service and competitive prices. Its staff works hard to ensure customers find the best laptops for their needs and budgets. The computer shop also stocks a range of accessories such as laptop batteries, chargers, keyboards & mice and other peripherals from leading brands. The store’s knowledgeable team provides essential information about each product in stock so that customers can make informed purchasing decisions.

Computer Mania BD offers ongoing promotions such as discounts on needable item & select items or free shipping on orders above a specific value. Customers can also take advantage interest less of 0% interest rate EMI plans to spread the cost of their purchase over several months. With its exceptional & unique service and wide range of products at competitive prices, Computer Mania BD is one of the premier laptop shops in Bangladesh.

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Global Brand Pvt Limited

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best computer shop in dhaka

best computer shop in dhaka

Global Brand is a Bangladeshi computer component and peripheral provider that has been delivering high-quality products and services since 1996. Global Brand has many products from renowned IT brands, including ASUS, Lenovo, Brother, LG and many more. It has also established its mark in the market by obtaining an ISO 9001:2015 certification, an international standard for quality assurance.

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At Global Brand, customers can find the best laptops, desktops, and accessories. There are also items such as A4Tech keyboards and mouses, Rapoo gaming devices, Adata hard drives and flash drives, Vivitek projectors, Ugreen cables and connectors, Hikvision cameras and Bitdefender anti-virus solutions. All these products meet international quality standards, so buyers can be sure they are getting only the best.

Moreover, Global Brand offers not only premium products but also excellent customer service with their team of experienced tech specialists in Dhaka who can help customers with any technical queries or issues about any product bought from them. The company also offers after-sale support to ensure that customers get total value for their money in case of any problem with a purchased item.

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Global Brand has dedicated itself to providing Bangladeshis with world-class computer components and peripherals at competitive prices so that every person can benefit from this high-quality technology without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a laptop or desktop computer or need accessories to complete your set-up, Global Brand should be your first choice!

Computer Source Ltd.

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best computer shop in dhaka

best computer shop in dhaka

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Computer Source is one of Bangladesh’s most trusted names for computer supplies, hardware-software installation, and repair services. Located in Dhaka, the shop caters to all computing needs and offers a wide range of products, from laptops, desktops, speakers, projects, accessories, and more from top brands such as ASUS, Lenovo, and HP.

The company’s commitment to quality has earned them the ISO 9001:2000 certification for Distribution, Solution Assembling & Servicing of Personal Computers, Computer Accessories, Peripherals, Networking & Radio -Tele Communication Products. All products sold at Computer Source are of the highest quality and built to last. The shop also provides professional installation services for customers who purchase their products so they can rest assured that their equipment will be installed correctly.

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You’ll find an impressive selection of items at competitive prices at Computer Source. Whether you’re looking for a laptop or desktop for home or office use or need components for your gaming rig or audio setup, this is the place to go. The knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help ensure you get exactly what you need and give advice when needed.
Computer Source also stocks accessories such as keyboards, mousepads, gaming headsets, and more; plus, they have a wide range of networking equipment such as routers and switches from leading brands like Cisco and D-Link. And if you need help with any repairs or upgrades, they offer repair services with an ironclad guarantee that their experienced technicians will fix your problem quickly.

For those searching for a reliable computer shop in Dhaka – look no further than Computer Source! With its dedicated team of professionals offering quality products at great prices with outstanding service – it’s no wonder why this store has become one of the most popular places to buy computers in Bangladesh!

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9 Best Hotels in Rangamati (2023 Edition)

best hotels in rangamati

Find the top 10 hotels in Rangamati for your next staycation! Our 2023 edition of the best hotels in Rangamati will help you decide where to book.

Hotels in Rangamati

Are you seeking the best hotels in Rangamati, Bangladesh, for your next vacation? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll take you through nine of the absolute best hotels in Rangamati that offer great value and excellent amenities. From luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses, this list will provides you with all the information about the best hotels in Rangamati to make a well-informed decision when booking your stay. With many attractive activities to keep you busy, from sightseeing to shopping, there’s something for everyone in Rangamati. Whether you’re seeking for a relaxing getaway or an active adventure, we have the perfect hotel! Read on to find out our top picks of the best hotels in Rangamati for 2023.

There are a millons of website those are write about hotel and resort in rangamati but no one is accurate so Dhaka City Digital write a content about best hotels at rangamati based on many things such as environment , staff behavior and so on , let’s start

  1.  Hotel Nadisa International
  2. Aronnok & Lakeshore Holiday Resort
  3. Parjatan Holiday Complex
  4. Megh Kabbo Hilltop Cottage
  5. Hill Taj Resort
  6. Hotel Square Park
  7. Hotel Green Castle
  8. Hotel Prince
  9. Hotel Sufia International

Hotel Nadisa Int

If you’re seeking for a memorable stay in Rangamati, look no further than Hotel Nadisha International. This best hotel is located on the banks of the gorgeous Kaptai Lake, providing guests with mesmerizing views of the lake and hills from their balconies and windows. Guests can enjoy delicious local and international shape at the on-site restaurant, relax and enjoy the views from its rooftop terrace, or keep fit at its fitness center.

Hotel Nadisha International is one of the best hotels in Rangamati, offering comfortable rooms with modern amenities. All rooms have air conditioning, cable TV, a mini bar, and complimentary Wi-Fi access. The hotel also provides a range of facilities for business travelers, such as meeting rooms, a conference hall, and a 24-hour business center.

The Purbani Hotel & Resort is another excellent option for staying in Rangamati. Located just outside town on the banks of Kaptai Lake, this hotel offers breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding hills from its balcony windows. The resort features extensive recreational activities, such as fishing, boating, and swimming, and an outdoor pool where you can kick back and enjoy the sun’s rays. On top of all this, it has an on-site restaurant serving delectable local dishes and contemporary international cuisine.

Cheap hotels in Rangamati are also available if you want to save money during your stay. These budget accommodation options often offer basic amenities such as air conditioning and free Wi-Fi access. Still, they may not provide more luxurious facilities like a fitness center or spa services. Hotels near attractions such as tribal villages or historical sites are also easy to find if you’re looking for something more unique during your stay in Rangamati.

For those seeking a truly unique experience while staying in Rangamati, Hotel Nadisha International has plenty to offer with its panoramic view of Kaptai Lake that will leave lasting impressions long after your visit ends!

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Contact: 01957-345431

Aronnok & Lakeshore Holiday Resort

Aronnok & Lakeshore Holiday Resort is one of the best hotels in Rangamati town, and I had the pleasure of staying there in 2015. The hotel is exceptionally peaceful and quiet, making it a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing. The rooms are clean and well-furnished, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Moreover, they offer food cooked on an order basis to ensure that all their guests get exactly what they want. The food was delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
However, the only disappointment was that the pool wasn’t too clean – an issue easily rectified with more frequent cleaning sessions. My experience at Aronnok & Lakeshore Holiday Resort was also unique. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a comfortable yet affordable stay in Rangamati town. With its excellent service, pleasant atmosphere, and delicious food, Aronnok & Lakeshore Holiday Resort will surely make your stay memorable and enjoyable!

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Contact : 01957-345431

Parjatan Holiday Complex

Parjatan Holiday Complex is a great place to stay when you are visiting Rangamati. Located close to Kaptai Lake, it offers breathtaking views and a unique opportunity to mingle with the surrounding wilderness. The four-story motel has spacious, clean rooms and reasonable tariffs, making it one of the best hotels in Rangamati. The balconies provide incredible views of the Kaptai lake, and the iconic hanging bridge is just steps away, allowing visitors to hire boats or explore on foot easily.

Guests at Parjatan Holiday Complex can take advantage of all the amenities of staying in a hotel. Various services are available such as room service, laundry facilities, and a restaurant so guests don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying their holiday. The staff is also friendly and helpful, ensuring each guest has an enjoyable stay in Rangamati.

When searching for hotels in Rangamati or any other part of Bangladesh, for that matter, Parjatan Holiday Complex stands out from other establishments due to its location and amenities. It’s near enough to enjoy this beautiful city’s attractions while still being secluded enough to relax without disturbance. Whether you’re seeking for a romantic getaway or just some peace, this hotel will provide both without breaking your budget.

The services provided by Parjatan Holiday Complex make it one of the top secret choices when looking for hotels in Rangamati or anywhere else in Bangladesh. Not only it offer great value for time & money, but it also provides excellent facilities and amenities, which make it ideal for those who want an unforgettable holiday experience that won’t break the bank. With its stunning views and convenient location close to Kaptai Lake, this hotel is an excellent best choice for tourist looking for quality accommodation in this part of Bangladesh.

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Megh Kabbo Hilltop Cottage

Parjatan Holiday Complex is a great place to stay when you are visiting Rangamati. Located close to Kaptai Lake, it offers breathtaking views and a unique opportunity to mingle with the surrounding wilderness. The four-story motel has spacious, clean rooms and reasonable tariffs, making it one of the best hotels in Rangamati.

The balconies provide incredible views of the Kaptai Lake, and the iconic hanging bridge is just steps away, allowing visitors to hire boats or explore on foot easily.
Guests at Parjatan Holiday Complex can take advantage of all the amenities of staying in a hotel. Various services are available such as room service, laundry facilities, and a restaurant, so guests don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying their holiday. The staff is also friendly and helpful, ensuring each guest has an enjoyable stay in Rangamati.

When searching for hotels in Rangamati or any other part of Bangladesh, for that matter, Parjatan Holiday Complex stands out from other establishments due to its location and amenities. It’s near enough to enjoy this beautiful city’s attractions while still being secluded enough to relax without disturbance. Whether seeking a romantic getaway or peace, this hotel will provide both without breaking your budget.

The services provided by Parjatan Holiday Complex make it one of the top-secret choices when looking for hotels in Rangamati or anywhere else in Bangladesh. Not only does it offer great value for time & money, but it also provides excellent facilities and amenities, which make it ideal for those who want an unforgettable holiday experience that won’t break the bank. With its stunning views and convenient location close to Kaptai Lake, this hotel is the best choice for tourists looking for quality accommodation in this part of Bangladesh.