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Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket 2021

Dhaka to  Sylhet air ticket price & time schedule 2021

Dhaka to Sylhet air route is the silver air route in Bangladesh, There are 2 thousand visitors daily travel Dhaka to Sylhet by air .You can go Beautiful Sylhet only 40 Minutes  without any crowded .

Dhaka to Sylhet Air Tickets:

There are 3 flights are daily travel to Sylhet those are Biman Bangladesh ,US Bangla ,Novoair airlines ,lets see the ticket price of this route .

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price:

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket us bangla price:

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket us bangla price

Class Price
Promotional Economy BDT 3200
Discount Economy BDT 3600
Restricted Economy BDT 4500
Regular Economy BDT 5000

Dhaka to Sylhet Biman Bangladesh air ticket price :

Dhaka to Sylhet Biman Bangladesh air ticket price

Class Price
Super Saver BDT 2800
Economy Saver BDT 3500
Economy Flexible BDT 4500
Business Saver BDT 5000
Business Flexible BDT 5500

Dhaka to Sylhet Novoair Ticket Price:

Dhaka to Sylhet Novoair ticket price

Class Price
Special Prome BDT 2800
Prome BDT 3200
Special BDT 3500
Discount BDT 4000
Saver BDT 5000
FIexible BDT 6000

Dhaka to Sylhet air time schedule: 

Time schedule of dhaka to sylhet

Air Agency Departure TIme Arrival Time
US Bangla 08:00 AM 08:50 AM
BIman Bangladesh 11:15 AM 11:55 AM
US Bangla 11:30 AM 12:20 PM
Novoair 12:00 PM 12:50 PM
US Bangla 1:30 PM 2:20 PM
Biman Bangladesh 4:00 PM 4:50 PM
Novoair 7:00 PM 7:50 PM
US Bangla 7:00 PM 7:50 PM

Dhaka to Sylhet Air ticket Booking :

It’s very easy to book your air ticket now , just call us here


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dhaka to barisal launch

Dhaka to Barisal Launch 2021

Dhaka to Barisal launch schedule 2021

Dhaka to Barisal by launch is the golden route of Bangladesh, More than 50000 traveler travel Dhaka to Barisal By Launch in every day .

Here we talk about most informative topics while you travel Dhaka to Barisal By Launch ,Dhaka to Barisal launch time schedule , Dhaka to Barisal launch VIP cabin, Dhaka to Barisal launch ticket price , Dhaka to Barisal launch contact number ,Dhaka to Barisal launch food .

Why Dhaka to Barisal launch way is so popular:

From security force to special force every launch have a security team ,From common washroom to private washroom everything you got here .

Lets talk about Dhaka to Barisal launch food:

Every launch had a storehouse shop you can purchase snacks from there .

Dhaka to Barisal launch time schedule:

There are lot of launch’s daily travel in this golden route ,from A Class to D class launch’s are available here ,In this section we talk about Dhaka to Barisal &   Barisal to Dhaka launch time schedule .

Dhaka to Barisal Launch time schedule

Launch Name Time-Table Contact Number
MV Greenline 3 08:00 AM 01957345431
MV Parabat-2 8:15 PM 01711276597
MV Parabat-7 8:30 PM 01711344745
MV Parabat-9 8:45 PM 01711344747
MV Parabat-11 9:00 PM 01711330642
MV Sundarban-7 9:00 PM 01718664700
MV Sundarban-8 8:30 PM 01711441028
MV Kamal Khan-1 8:45 PM 01711324629
MV Surabhi-7 9:00 PM 01711-332084
MV Surabhi-8 8:45 PM 01711453989
Manami 8:45 PM 01309-033583

Check Out: Dhaka to Chandpur Launch schedule 2021 

Barisal to Dhaka launch time schedule:

Dhaka to Barisal Launch time schedule

Launch Name Time-Table Contact Number
MV Greenline 3 08:00 AM 01957345431
MV Parabat-2 8:15 PM 01711276597
MV Parabat-7 8:30 PM 01711344745
MV Parabat-9 8:45 PM 01711344747
MV Parabat-11 9:00 PM 01711330642
MV Sundarban-7 9:00 PM 01718664700
MV Sundarban-8 8:30 PM 01711441028
MV Kamal Khan-1 8:45 PM 01711324629
MV Surabhi-7 9:00 PM 01711-332084
MV Surabhi-8 8:45 PM 01711453989
Manami 8:45 PM 01309-033583

Dhaka to Barisal launch ticket price:

It time to talk about ticket pricing ,Water ways is most relaxing ways to travel and when it comes to Dhaka to Barisal launch way there is no word for relax .

Dhaka to Barisal Launch ways are the most luxuries ways in Bangladesh launch .There are lot of launch available here and all of them have different different class  ,let see class details :

Dhaka to Barisal Ticket Price

Class Price
VIP-1 Start from 4000
VIP-2 Start from 4000
VIP-3 Start from 4000
VIP-4 Start from 3000
Semi VIP Start from 2600
Family Cabin 1700
Cabin Double 1600
Cabin Single 850
Deck 200

You can book your desired seat or cabin both online and offline,For offline booking just go to launch ghat and take a seat but for online booking just call us here 01957345431 

Most luxuries launch in Dhaka to Barisal waterways:

As we know Dhaka Barisal water way is the most luxuries ways Bangladesh ,There are lot of VIP launch’s available here   ,so let’s check it out:

MV Green Line :

dhaka to barisal fastest launch

This is a product of Green Line group of industries ,we all know they serve all time premium .MV Green Line left Dhaka at 8:00 AM and reached Barisal at 1:00 PM.

Ticket Price of MV Green Line:

Lower Deck -700

Upper Deck -1000

Contact Number of MV Green Line:


Adventure 9:

adventure 9

Adventure 9 is called king of Barisal to Dhaka Water ways ,Adventure 9 left from Dhaka at 8:30 AM and reached at 1:00 PM.

Dhaka to Barisal Adventure 9 launch ticket price:

Economy Class rent: 600 TK

Business Class rent :900 TK

VIP Cabin :1200 TK



MV Manami

dhaka to barisal mv manami launch ticket price

MV Manami

MV manami is the best luxuries launch in Dhaka Barisal route ,It serves always vip.MV Manami left Dhaka at 8:00 PM .MV Manami is the first passenger river vessel in Bangladesh with double bottom engineering for additional safety .MV Manami is most luxuries launch in Bangladesh according to river vessel report .

Ticket price of MV Manami:

The ticket price of MV Manami is

Deck :200 TK

Sofa :600 TK

Couple Cabin: 1000 TK

couple cabin of dhaka to barisal mv manami launch

Double Cabin :1800 TK

double cabin of mv manami dhaka to barisal launch

Semi VIP Cabin :3500 TK

semi vip cabin of dhaka to barisal launch

VIP Cabin :5000 TK

dhaka to barisal vip cabin

MV Manami Contact Number:

The contact number of mv manami is 01957345431

Surovi Launch:

dhaka to barisal surovi launch

MV Surovi Launch Service in Barishal, Patuakhali, Jhalokathi, Bhola, Pirojpur etc. It provides services mainly to the route of  Dhaka To Barishal To Dhaka. Most of the passengers traveling to MV Surovi are unknown of their service details and contact information’s .This is a 3 storey launch and able to bear up to 890 people.
Ticket Price of Surovi Launch:
MV Surovi has total 42 single cabins, 32 sofa, 34 double cabins, 4 family cabins, 4 VIP double and 2 VIP single cabins. Fares of these cabins are as follows:
Ticket Ticket Price
Deck : BDT. 200
VIP-1: BDT 4000
VIP-2: BDT 4000
VIP-3: BDT 4000
VIP-4: BDT 3000
Semi VIP: BDT 2600
Cabin Single: BDT. 850
Cabin Double: BDT. 1600
Family Cabin: BBDT. 1700
Sofa: BDT 500
Contact Number  of MV Surovi Launch:

Sundarban Launch:


MV Sundarban is the most luxurious and largest launch in Bangladesh operating in Dhaka to Barisal road. They provide their services mainly to the route of Dhaka – dhaka to barisal mv sundarban launch – Dhaka. It offers a safe and joyful journey for the passengers, maintaining the accurate time and schedule.

But, most of the passengers traveling to this Launch are unknown of their service details and contact information.



Ticket price of sundarban Launch:

Deck: BDT. 200
Sofa: BDT. 600
Non-AC Cabin (Double): BDT. 1800
AC Cabin (Double): BDT. 2000
Non-AC Cabin (Single): BDT. 900
AC Cabin (Single): BDT. 1000
VIP (2 in 1): BDT. 6000
VIP (One bed): BDT. 5000
VIP Duplex: BDT.7000
S VIP : BDT. 4000
S VIP : BDT. 3500
Shoukhin: BDT. 3500

Contact Number of Sundarban Launch:


Kirtonkhola Launch:

kirtonkhola launch dhaka to barisal

Kirtonkhola launch is so popular launch is Dhaka Barisal route because of name & service .

Ticket Price of KirtonKhola Launch:

Economy Class rent: 600 TK

Business Class rent :900 TK

VIP Cabin :1200 TK

KirtonKhola Contact number:

The contact number of kirtonkhola is 01957-345431

Dhaka  to Barisal launch route map:

best couple hotels in sylhet

Best Five Resort in Sylhet (2021)

Five beautiful resort in Sylhet

Sylhet is always rocks on tourist spot ,95% people of Bangladesh knows Sylhet is the capital of tourist spot in Bangladesh .The beauty of Sylhet tourist spot is really amazed you and with the tourist spot nowadays there are lot of resort developed for tourist .

Most of the resort of Sylhet city are eco resort and eye catching so for your information we sorted these resort into top 5 based on their view ,customer services ,rates of room & cottage ,stuff behavior ,front desk and cleaning .

The Palace Sylhet:

best resort in sylhet

The palace resort in Sylhet is built with luxury monument. The view of palace resort is amazing and eye catching .

The Palace Luxury Resort is located  Bahubal, Habiganj, Sylhet offers an unmatched luxurious experience found nowhere else in Bangladesh.
It has hotels & villas with 5 different restaurant , A big gym is impressed you  after that you can get a nice spa .
Villas & Hotels of Palace Resort:

There are 5 luxury villas with all luxury facilities


The Presidential Villa boasts state of the art amenities like a personal helipad, theater, indoor Jacuzzi, indoor steam bath, Smart 3D televisions and gaming consoles. Your regal experience is completed by a spacious living room, dining area and 3 bedrooms covering a total indoor area of 3400 square feet.

Room Costs of The palace Presidential villa:

The rooms tariff of presidential villa in weekend starts from 1,20,000++ and for weekday 1,00000 .


The perfect start to a new journey set in the seclusion of the two honeymoon villas where you can spark that passion and create memories for a lifetime in a surrounding with untouched picturesque views.

Room costs of The palace Honeymoon Villa:

The room tariff of of Honeymoon villa in weekend starts from 18,000 and for weekday 15,000.


Putijuri, Bahubal, Habiganj,Sylhet

The resort is located 173km from Dhaka and 71 km from Sylhet just off the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway. For detailed driving directions to the resort from your current location please use the Google Maps app on your phone.
Contact Number:
The contact number of The palace luxury resort are +88 019 9000 1000, +88 019 1000 1000

DuSai Resort & Spa:

best resorts in Sylhet

Dusai Resort is the most exotic resort in Sylhet Bangladesh.DuSai Resort & Spa is the first world class 5 star standard boutique Villa Resort & Spa in Bangladesh nestled within a small tropical forest on hillocks with thousands of trees and flanked by a 1000 feet long serpentine lake.

A vacation at DuSai is that occasion when you know this is one vacation you’ll never forget. It’s a place that makes your sight and sensation a surprise and an awe-inspiring experience. We strive to go beyond the expected and beyond the extraordinary, to give each guest an experience that’s beyond their expectations. Almost all our guests enjoy an awe-inspiring stay at DuSai, from the moment they first see our forested landscape until their departure. The design, the atmosphere, the ambience, the sophistication of our interior decoration & furnishing and the top notch quality of our service, makes DuSai completely apart from any other resort in Bangladesh. That’s where the expression “Live in Awe” comes in. It represents the feeling we give our guests through everything we do. It captures the emotional connection of our brand to our wide range of thousands of visitors comprising of families, couples and groups of friends. And it is for this reason that one of the two premier hotel accreditation bodies in the world, the World Luxury Hotel Awards has nominated DuSai Resort as the “Best Luxury Forest Resort” in Asia for 2016.

Dusai Resorts for Those:

  • A perfect place for nature lovers looking for quiet tranquility.
  • A place of choice for couples and families.
  • A secret and enchanting hideaway for honeymooners.
  • An adventurous destination to explore the charms of the tea gardens and the largest rain forest in Bangladesh.
  • DuSai is – preferred and an ideal destination for small corporate meetings and conferences.

Villas of Dusai:

Villa Deluxe Queen:

dusai resort Villa Deluxe Queen picture

These rooms are in the lower floor of the Villas. These rooms have Queen size beds facing towards the balcony, The balcony features a open air bath-tub over looking the serpentine lake and the tea garden beyond it.


18000++per night

Honeymoon Villa:

dusai resort honeymoon villa

This is a private walled villa with a drawing room, master bedroom, bathroom, a pantry and a large bathroom. This hilltop villa features a heated infinity edged wading pool and a thatched gazebo. The bathroom features a large Jacuzzi for couples.


50000++per night

Presidential Villa:


The highest category accommodation is the two-bedroomed presidential villa featuring a large living & dinning with a pantry and a third bathroom. This hill-top villa has a 30’x12′ heated infinity edged pool, a thatch roof gazebo and a small garden. The master bathroom features indoor and outdoor showers inside a small open air courtyard.


80000++per night


Dusai Resort is the best resort in moulvibazar sylhet,It is located at Srimangal Road
Niteshwar, Giashnagar,Moulvi Bazar, Bangladesh.

Contact Number:

The contact number of dusai reasonable resort in sylhet is +880 1617005511


Grand Sultan Tea Resort Sylhet:


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best hotels in sylhet

Best Hotels in Sylhet

Top 5 Hotels In Sylhet 

Whenever we plan for a trip the first thing is came our thinking is where to stay ,from that thinking we share an article for Sylhet trip . Best hotels in Sylhet based on their environment ,service quality ,customers rating also price range .

Sylhet is a city in eastern Bangladesh, on the Surma River. It’s known for its Sufi shrines, like the ornate tomb and mosque of 14th-century saint Hazrat Shah Jalal, now a major pilgrimage site near Dargah Gate. The tiny Museum of Rajas contains belongings of the local folk poet Hasan Raja. A 3-domed gateway stands at the 17th-century Shahi Eidgah, a huge open-air hilltop mosque built by Emperor Aurangzeb.

Nirvana Inn:

best hotels in sylhet

Nirvana Inn is one of the best hotel in Sylhet. This amazing hotel is  Located in the heart of Sylhet town, Nirvana Inn is an icon of modern hotel and restaurant. It offers stylishly decorated suites and rooms for business travelers along with multi-cuisine restaurant and fully equipped business facilities. From the moment we pick our guest from airport/station, we do all the things, from 24 hour room service to preparing a delicious dish, to make our guests’ stay pleasant and memorable.

Nirvana Homes is within walking distance of all the important amenities such as shopping malls, courts, schools, Government offices, etc. This project is intended for people looking for a homely and a well-secured environment to live in. It has been designed and supervised by some of the top architects and engineers of the country and each duplex/triplex is tailored to meet your expectations.

Room Cost of Nirvana Inn Sylhet:

Premier Single………………2,800.00++
Royal Single………………….3,500.00++
Couple Deluxe………………4,200.00++
Twin Deluxe…………………..4,600.00++
Royal Suite……………………5,200.00++
Honeymoon Suite…………5,400.00++
Executive Suite……………..8,500.00++
Single family Suite…………8,500.00++
Double family Suite……..12,000.00++


Nirvana Inn is located the heart of Sylhet town :

Mirzajangal, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh 3100 Sylhet, Sylhet Division, Bangladesh


The contact number of Nirvana Inn is 01730083790

La Vista Hotel:

best hotels in Sylhet

La Vista hotel & restaurant Sylhet is one of the  luxury hotels in Sylhet . La vista hotel Sylhet is located at capital of the Sylhet city VIP Road , Lama bazar Sylhet .

La Vista Hotel™ | The Boutique Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Sylhet City. It oozes style, class & sophistication without compromise, a pioneer in bespoke, tailored boutique hotel service and luxury. Prepare to be spoilt .

La Vista Hotels & Restaurant offer you:

  • Complementary Breakfast
  • Rooftop Qzin Restaurant
  • Secure Car Parking Facility
  • Free Wifi

La Vista Sylhet hotel room price :

  1. Premium Twin Room

These rooms come in both the form of twin sharing beds and king size beds, the fittings and fixtures are very much modernized to keep you comfortable in your budget. If you want to stay like a king in your budget, then this is definitely your choice in Sylhet. The wash room is equipped with some of the finest world class amenities to make your stay silky.

  • Twin Sharing
  • 2 Beds
  • Fully Furnished
  • Custom Food Menu
  • Modern Bathroom Design
  • Free Wi-Fi

2,500 Taka


These Rooms come in both the form of twin sharing beds and king size beds. The fixtures and fittings are installed in such a manner that would keep you lavish in your budget. The wash room is equipped with some of the finest world class amenities to make your stay silky.

  • Twin Sharing
  • 2 Beds
  • Fully Furnished
  • Custom Food Menu
  • Modern Bathroom Design
  • Free Wi-Fi

4,000 Taka

Rose View Hotel Sylhet:

best hotels in Sylhet

Rose view hotels is a top class hotels in Sylhet which is located at Shahjalal Uposhohor, Sylhet – 3100.

Rose View Hotel welcomes you to enjoy comfort and luxury, a place where you will find exceptional five star facilities and world class hospitality.

The Hotel features 140 fully equipped deluxe and suite rooms, an extensive array of restaurant outlets catering for international and local palates, fully equipped fitness centre, sauna and steam, authentic Thai Spa, heated roof top swimming pool, the only fully stocked licensed bar in the City and a full range of meeting and event facilities ideal for business and private gatherings for up to 1000 people.

Conveniently and centrally located from the shopping and business districts, served by Osmani International Airport, national train networks and accessible via the main road links connecting the city to Dhaka, Rose View Hotel combines style, warmth and convenience with a dash of creativity to deliver an experience that is like no other.

Rose view hotel Sylhet room price:

  1. Super Deluxe (Single/Double)
  • Satellite Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electronic Safe
  • Personal bar
  • Bath Tub & Shower
  • 24 Hours room service.


US$ 120/-+ per night

Super Deluxe (Twin)

  • Satellite Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electronic Safe
  • Personal bar
  • Bath Tub & Shower
  • 24 Hours room service

US$ 140/-+ per night

Family Suite

  • Satellite Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electronic Safe
  • Personal bar
  • Bath Tub & Shower
  • 24 Hours room service


US$ 250/-+ per night

Presidential Suite

  • Satellite Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electronic Safe
  • Personal bar
  • Bath Tub & Shower
  • 24 Hours room service.\

US$ 600/-+ per night

Hotel Noorjahan Grand Sylhet:

best hotels in Sylhet

Hotel Noorjahan Grand  is always rocks in Sylhet ,this is one of the most attractive hotels & restaurant in  Sylhet .Those are want to travel Sylhet Hotel Noorjahan Grand can be your sleeping destination in Sylhet City .In here we talk about hotel noorjahan grand location ,noorjahan hotel contact number also hotel noorjahan grand restaurant menu .

Hotel Noorjahan Grand Rooms & Suites :

Boutique Room

20 Sq.m. rooms, city views, integrated climate control, free Wi-Fi, electronic safe capable of holding a laptop, flat screen TV, bathrobes, hair dryer, luxurious bathroom.

Executive Double


best candle light in dhaka

Best Candle Light Dinner in Dhaka

Romantic restaurants in Dhaka Bangladesh

best romantic restaurant in dhaka

Dhaka is the city of romantic couples ,from a slam street to a residential street everywhere you saw love birds are sitting ,walking , eating . And Candle light dinner is mandatory when it comes to your favorite person occasion.

We have sorted 5 best candle light dinner in Dhaka based on their customers review, rate of food ,quality of food ,environment and lighting position .

Why peoples go for candle light dinner :

Its all about attention, Yes Attention is something that makes you feel good, Candle light Dinner creates that effect, because while having candle light dinner the person in front of you feel so because it creates cozy/special moments, your view becomes limited to the area that the candle light can illuminates, and so is your view is (as you can see the face of the person you are having The candle light dinned With, and this effect creates a feel of Someone special. And Candle light dinner not only about Romantic feel only, it creates Special Moments with some one specialist can be anyone from your loved ones, other brother father sister, a friend and family member .


best candle light dinner in dhaka town

Celebrate all things romance this Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved one with a romantic candle light dinner at GRAND ORIENTAL HOTEL @BDT 3999 Net with #BOGO offer.

• Valentine’s Special Candle Light Gala Dinner at GRAND ORIENTAL
• Welcome Drinks
• Heart-Shaped Cake
• Love Chocolates
• Live Music
• Photo Shoot
• Exclusive Raffle Draw

Price: BDT 3999 Net with #BOGO Offer

Terms & Condition:
Date of Program: Feb-14th, 2021
Time Duration: 06:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Prior Reservation is Mandatory

Enjoy Stay in Ambience of Elegance in Luxurious GRAND ORIENTAL HOTEL, Gulshan-1. We have 40 Rooms immaculately furnished and decorated to suit the taste of International Guests, 2 Restaurants offering Thai, Oriental, Indian and Continental delicacies.

Location of Grand Oriental Hotel:

Road :23 , House:1/B ,Gulshan-1 1212 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

candle light dinner in dhaka

romantic restaurants in dhaka
best romantic restaurants in dhaka
best candle light dinner in dhaka

best shopping mall in Dhaka

Top 5 Biggest Shopping Malls in Dhaka City

Best Shopping Mall in Dhaka City

The Bangladesh is one of those progressing countries which has the best of everything- including best shopping. The hottest fashion trends, brand sensations, and attractive deals start from here. Dhaka Shopping Malls are very exciting to shop because of the convenience and availability of multiple brands in one place .From bargain-brand stores to luxury boutiques, we’ve picked our favorite places to shop.

Take a trip to the top 5 shopping malls in the Dhaka Bangladesh :

Jamuna Future Park:

shopping mall in Dhaka

Jamuna Future park is the largest shopping mall in the Country located on Kuril, Progoti Shoroni, Baridhara, Dhaka . Jamuna Future Park is surrounded by some most planned residential areas of  Dhaka city like Gulshan, Banani, Bridhara, Bashundhara, Nikunja and Uttara. ZIA International Airport is just a few minutes’ drive & major embassies & foreign offices are quarter km walking distance from this project. The total land of Jamuna future park is 1, 50,000 square meters (Approx) By ARCHITECT Mr. A J M Alamgir. Recognizing the substantial gap that exists for value driven shopping malls, Jamuna group has developed international standard shopping mall to offer consumers trendy, brand driven, safe and luxurious shopping experience at an extremely attractive and affordable price. JFP is poised to step out with and ever-increasing portfolio of both local and international brands in the upcoming time frame. It will be known as the platform for local and international brands in Dhaka city.

What to do :

  • Fashion & Apparels
  • Watch & Optics
  • Sporting ,Exercise, Recreational Instruments 
  • Ethnics And Variety 
  • Food Court 
  • Cinema Hall
  • Bowling Alley 
  • Heath Club
  • Banquet Hall
  • Theme Park
  • Garden Restaurant and Entertainment park
  • Swimming Pool


  • Lower Basement Floor: Reserved for car parking.
  • Middle Basement: Reserved for car parking and a portion for supermarket / hyper market.
  • Level 1 Floor: Base floor for all atriums, centre of live entertainment, musical show, fashion show etc. Space for mega sale /bumper offer and space for different category shops / showrooms.
  • From Ground Floor to Fifth Floor : Different category local and international brand shops / outlet / show rooms, non-branded shops, brand space, online booth and food shops/ food outlets.
  • Fifth Floor: Entertainment, amusement and recreation floor.
Open now
Monday11:00am   9:00pm
Tuesday11:00am   9:00pm
Wednesday            – Closed
Thursday11:00am  9:00pm
Friday11:00am        9:00pm
Saturday11:00am  9:00pm
Sunday11:00am     9:00pm
Contact Info:

KA-244, Kuril, Progoti Shoroni, Baridhara, Dhaka

8851528, 8851529



Bashundhara City Shopping Complex: 

shopping mall in Dhaka

Bashundhara City shopping complex is one of best shopping mall in Dhaka which is located at Panthapath Dhanmondi. This modern western-style shopping mall was established on 2004 and since then it has become one of the most popular places for shopping and entertainment. The Biggest Bashundhara city shopping mall  has space for 2,325 retail stores where top Bangladeshi brands resides with vast range of products. It also has cafeterias and a large gymnasium, a multiplex cinema, a top-floor food court, an ice skating rink, a theme park and the biggest gaming zone in Bangladesh. On the podium part level 1-4 is dedicated to fashion products like ready made garments, men, women and children’s clothing, saree and cosmetic products. On level 5 and 6 you will find electrical and electronic products, mobile and IT products, computers and musical instrument shops. The whole level 7 is for leather and footwear products. Level 8 is where the cine complex, food court and indoor theme park are situated. On the tower part there are office spaces, Fitness center, gaming zone and roof top restaurant are located. The fully air-conditioned shopping mall with rooftop gardens is considered a modern symbol of the emerging Dhaka.

Contact info:

Bashundhara City Tower, Tejturi Bazar West , Panthapath, Dhaka

+88-02-9111440, +88-02-8143990



Open now:
Monday10:00am        8:00pm
Tuesday                          Closed
Wednesday10:00am  8:00pm
Thursday10:00am      8:00pm
Saturday10:00am       8:00pm
Sunday10:00am         9:00pm

Pink City Gulshan:

Pink City Gulshan is a great place to find good quality Bangladeshi designer salwar kameez, Indian and Pakistani salwar suits there. Gulshan Pink city Shopping Complex is the one and only High end premium and Luxury shopping destination in Dhaka city. The prominent and sophisticated mall has over 5 levels of designer fashion and luxury boutiques, lifestyle shops, entertainment areas .

gulshan pink city images

Contact info:

Ploy#15 ,Road 103, Gulshan-2, Dhaka

Time Table:
Monday10:00am  8:30pm
Tuesday10:00am  8:30pm
Wednesday10:00am  8:30pm
Thursday10:00am  8:30pm
Friday10:00am       8:30pm
Saturday10:00am  8:30pm
Sunday                      Closed

Rapa Plaza Dhanmondi :

rapa plaza Dhanmondi

Rapa Plaza is located at Dhanmondi 27 . Rapa Plaza is one of the best shopping mall in Dhanmondi. The best mall in Dhanmondi become a household name in Bangladesh and coined the proverb Rapa-Rapai ,Rapa Plaza is the first of it’s kind of shopping mall in whole of south asia at that time ,It changed the shopping landscape in Dhaka. Bangladesh .The complex is air conditioned with 150 shop in mall .You can find all trending fashion items here .


Contact info:
Plot 01, Road Old 27 New 16, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Time Table of Rapa Plaza Dhanmondi :
Monday             9:00am  9:00pm
Tuesday             Closed
Wednesday       12:00am  9:00pm
Thursday           9:00am  9:00pm
Friday                 9:00am-  9:00pm
Saturday             9:00am  9:00pm
Sunday               9:00am  9:00pm

New Market Shopping Mall:

new market dhaka images

New Market is one of the most famous and old markets in Dhaka city. Built in 1954, it was the first modern shopping center in Dhaka city. Situated on 35 acres, this market has a unique triangular shape with high arched entry gates on three sides. This shopping area is not limited by this space rather it is a center of a large shopping areas and complexes like Chadni Chawk, Chandrima shopping complex, Bot Tola new market and Nilkhet book market. During 1950’s and 1960’s, it was the most popular place for shopping as well as recreation.

Novelty, an ice-cream shop, was one of the most popular destinations of the young people. During the 1980s, 3 more New Market blocks were constructed in the north under Dhaka City Corporation, for example, New Super Market for crockeries, Bonolata for kitchen market, Chandrima and Gausia market for varieties of items and D block for groceries, each having over thousand shops. A park inside has been converted into a mosque at first floor level with sixty new shops under it.

This historical market is the best market in town for buying all types of products. If you are good at bargaining then you will be able to buy products at a much cheaper price than other markets. In peak hours, it will be crowded so try to visit in off-pick hours to shop in peace .Dhaka new market offers you the best and versatile clothing range at the best price. This market is full of glorious apparels and garments with the amazing designs and patterns. Nowadays, the fabric comes in many ranges with comfort and soft touch to endow you comfortable feeling. The wholesalers of this market have many varieties from simple or regular wear dresses to modish and fashionable dresses. Well, if you have the number of choices to select, then you must get confused about what to choose.

The different type of fabrics gives clothes a very comfortable touch and allurement. So, if you are finding the best wholesale market and wholesalers, then you will get it from Bangladesh’s wholesale market. If you are in search of the wholesale market at the global level, then you must find it in a Bangladesh’s state and city market.

Contact Info:

New Market,
Azimpour, Dhaka,

Time Table of New market:
Monday            10:00am  8:30pm
Tuesday           Closed
Wednesday     10:00am  8:30pm
Thursday         10:00am  8:30pm
Friday              10:00am  8:30pm
Saturday         10:00am  8:30pm
Sunday            10:00am  8:30pm
best ladies parlour in dhaka

Best Beauty Parlour in Dhaka(2021)

Top 5 ladies parlour in Dhaka City


Beauty is the best pride of women , Every women wants to present herself among all. There are lot of  ladies parlour in Dhaka City from that list we have sorted 5  best parlour in Dhaka by their hair cutting skill, environment and price range .

  1. In Style Salon & Spa

best salon for women

In Style Salon & Spa best ladies parlour in Banani was established in 2015 managed by  seasoned hair stylist Jhowel De Guzman from Philippines is the Ambassador of Schwarzkopf Professionals, USA . In Style is a unique beauty salon & spa near Banani .  The best women salon near Banani provide  highest quality hair services in a setting that is healthier for the environment.

In Style Services:

  • Brazilian blowout
  • Balayage hair color
  • Haircut
  • Eyelash extension

Location: Taneem Square, 158/E Kemal Ataturk Avenue Banani Model Town

Number: 01819-192208


  1. Banthai Barber & Beauty Salon:

Best women salon in dhaka

Banthai Beauty salon is one of most famous women salon in Gulshan Dhaka.This beauty salon dirtected BY QUAZI QUMRUL ISLAM .you can get everything from pedicure to manicure .They provide hair treatment based on expert consultation .


  • Beauty salon
  • Hair cut
  • Bridal makeover
  • Pedicure-manicure
  • SPA


A Women salon near Gulshan  ,

GardenRoad#123House#21Appt # 302 2 In LiftGulshan 1, Gulshan avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212

Number: 01924-119933


  1. La Belle Women Salon :

best beauty salon in gulshan

La belle Beauty salon is a top class women salon in Gulshan 2 .They  offer the best beauty in the area. House #13/A/2, Kemal Ataturk Avenue .La belle provide wide area services ranging from multiple methodologies of hair care, hair treatments, skin therapy, and a variety of rejuvenating facials that cater and complement all skin types .

  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • waxing
  • threading
  • soothing body massages


La belle women salon is located near Gulshan – 2, Adjacent to Lab Aid, Dhaka- 1212, Bangladesh.

dhaka to chandpur by launch picture

Dhaka to Chandpur launch -2021

Dhaka to Chandpur by Launch 

Chandpur government college picture

Chandpur government college picture

Nowadays Dhaka to Chandpur launch way is the golden route of Bangladesh .More than 20 launch daily brings passenger from Dhaka to Chandpur and Chandpur to Dhaka ,in that case you can understand this is a heavily profitable business in Bangladesh . Everyday almost 30-50 thousand visitor traveling  in this route .From 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM launch are leaving lalkuthi launch terminal .

Are you come for Dhaka to Chandpur launch information ,yes then you are right place .In this article we talk about Dhaka to Chandpur launch cabin price , Dhaka to Chandpur launch time table ,Dhaka to Chandpur launch ticket price 2021, Dhaka to Chandpur launch distance, Dhaka to Chandpur launch contact number .


Dhaka to Chandpur launch time table:

Time Schedule of Dhaka to Chandpur launch:

Time Launch Name
6:45 AMসোনার তরী/বাঘের হাট
7:20 AMএম.ভি সোনার তরী
8:00 AMএম.ভি মেঘনারানী
8:00 AMএম ভি মেঘনা রাণী
8:30 AMএম ভি বোগদাদীয়া ৭
9:15 AMএম.ভি আব এ জমজম-১/ এম.ভি তাকওয়া
9:50 AM
এম.ভি মিতালী-২
10:15 AMএম.ভি স্বর্ণদ্বীপ-৮
11:00 AM এম ভি ইমাম হাসান-২
11:45 AM
এম ভি ইমাম হাসান-৫
12:30 PMএম ভি ময়ূর -২
1:30 PMএম.ভি ময়ুর-৭
2:30 PMএম.ভি ঈগল-২/৩
3:30 PMএম ভি রফ রফ
4:30 PMএম.ভি ঈগল-৭
5:20 PMএম. ভি সোনারতরী-১
6:45 PMএম ভি নিউ আল বোরাক
7:45 PMএম ভি রিপল/ সোনার তরী
11:30 PMএম. ভি আব এ জমজম
12:00 AMএম.ভি রফরফ
12:30 AMএম.ভি শম্পা/এম.ভি প্রিন্স অব রাসেল-৩

Chandpur to Dhaka launch time table:

TimeLaunch NameMobile Number
6:00 AMএম ভি নিউ আল-বোরাক ০১৮১৮০০২০২৯
6:45 AMএম ভি দেশান্তর ০১৭১৬৫০১০৭৭
7:15 AMএম ভি সোনার তরী ০১৭১৬৫০১০৭৭
8:00 AMএম ভি ঈগল-৭ ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭
9:00 AMঈগল-৩ ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭
9:30 AMএম ভি রফ রফ ০১৮১৮০০২০২৯
10:00 AMএমভি-তুতুল / তাকওয়া ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭
10:40 AM
এম ভি বোগদাদীয়া ৮/৯ ০১৭১২৭৩৭২২৭
11:15 AMএম ভি রাসেল ৩ ০১৭১২৭৩৫৩০০
12:00 PMএম ভি রফরফ ২ ০১৮১৮০০২০২৯
1:00 PM
আব-এ-জমজম ০১৭১৪২৪৮৫৮৯
2:00 PMএম ভি মেঘনা রাণী ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭
2:40 PMএম ভি সোনার তরী-২ ০১৭১৬৫০১০৭৭
3:40 PMএম ভি সোনার তরী-১ ০১৭১৬৫০১০৭৭
5:00 PMবোগদাদিয়া-৭
6:00 PMইমাম হাসান-০/৫
7:00 PMএমভি-ইমাম হাসান-০/৫
9:40 PMএম ভি মিতালী-৪ ০১৮১৮০০২০২৯
11:10 PMএম ভি ইমাম হাসান-২ ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭
11:20 PMএম ভি জমজম-১/তাক্ওয়া ০১৭১৪২৪৮৫৮৯
12:15 AMএম ভি ময়ুর-৭ ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭
12:45 AMএম ভি ময়ুর-২

Dhaka to Chandpur launch  ticket price 2021:

Ticket pares are  very low for water vehicles .  The Dhaka to Chandpur ticket price is vary on class so if you are going to 3rd grade flooring it will be take 100 tk and downstairs chairs are 150 tk .Dhaka to Chandpur ac chair ticket price is 200-250 TK ,Dhaka to Chandpur launch single cabin price is 500 – 700 TK, AC Single cabin 1000 TK , Double Cabin ticket price is 1000 to 1200 TK and VIP launch cabin price will be 1500 TK to 4000 TK .

Dhaka to Chandpur Distance :

The distance of Dhaka to Chandpur is  118 KM and 541 meters / 73.7 miles.

Chandpur Tourist Spot:

There are lot of tourists spot in Chandpur Bangladesh. We found 10 tourist places in Chandpur those are most attractive tourist spot in Chandpur such as Chandpur Boro Station ,Haziganj Boro Masjid, Angikar a Liberation Statue, Alamgiri Mosque, Hazrat Sayed Shah Rasti (R) Mazar & Mosque ,Rupsa Zamindar Bari, Three Domed Mosque, Neelkuthi, Chowdhury Bari Fort, Dighi at Saharpar .

Chandpur Boro Station:



Chandpur Boro Station is most attractive tourist spot in beautiful Chandpur, This is the mohona of Padma -Megna & Dakatia that’s why it called 3 river mohona .The view of sunset from Chandpur Boro station you can’t forget in  your entry life .

best gym in Dhaka

Best GYM In Dhaka City

GYM is now most popular trend in Dhaka Guys . The 70% of teenagers are now  going to gym nowadays . From that case we listed top 5 gyms in Dhaka 2021.

Muscletech BD – GYM

gym in dhaka ,best gym in dhaka

Muscletech bd guys

Muscletech gym is one of the top class gym center in Dhaka from 2003 .Why muscletech bd is top class gym in bd because of their facility ,they offers you lot of facilities such as gents & ladies facility also steam bath & personal locker services . The main thing is muscletech the top gym in dhaka is operated by Mrs Bangladesh William Ficky & Kamrun Nahar .Muscletech the best gym in mirpur dhaka is located Pallabi Mirpur .

How much is gym monthly:

The admission fee of muscletech bd gym is TK 1000 and the monthly fee starts from TK 500.

Adonize Fitness Center:

best gym in dhaka

Adonize gym center

Adonize fitness gym is one of premium  gym in Dhanmondi. The combined gym in Dhaka is located Bashundhara city shopping complex level 9 & 10 .The gym center has lot of space their are two floor each floor covers 14,000 Square feet .Because of this gym popularity the gym trainers are certified from USA & other countries .About 250 People can go gym at a time each floor.

Open & Close Time:

Adonize fitness center opens 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM everyday except Friday .

Fess of Adonize gym center:

They have yearly & monthly services which starts from 6500 TK monthly.


  • You can take a swim
  • Steam bath
  • secure personal locker
  • Yoga for girls

California Gym Dhaka:

best gym in dhaka by dhakacity.com.bd

California Gym Dhaka

California gym is one the best gym in Uttara Dhaka .It was founded in 2000 .It has three branches those are Baridhara ,Uttora ,Bashundhara . California gym center has a main trainer & two assistant trainer .Here 60 People can do gym together .

Time Schedule of California GYM:

California gym opens at 6:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM.

Fess of California GYM:

California Gym offers yearly and monthly  services .which starts from 3000 TK month .


California gym located House #319 ,Road #4, Eastern 1st & 2nd building Baridhara ,DOHS.


Fitness Plus:

best gym in gulshan banani

Fitness plus is one of the best gym in Gulshan and near  Banani area .The best gym near gulshan is fitness bd started their journey in 1999 as life plus but after that the gym is renamed to fitness bd .It has two generator to provide uninterrupted services in case of load shading,The gym is designed with modern air-condition .


  • Yoga
  • yoga aerobics
  • meditation
  • steam bath
  • lockers
  • showers
  • first aid

Fees of Fitness BD GYM:

The fitness bd charge 2500 TK per month .


House #23,road #18 ,Block #A

Inspire GYM by Sohel Taz:

best gym in Dhanmondi dhaka

Best gym in Dhanmondi. One of most famous & top class gym in Dhaka, The founder of Inspire Gym is politician & member of parliament Sohel Taj. Inspire gym was founded in 2000 with the aim to build healthy Bangladesh .It remains open 6:00 am to 11:00 pm .

Fees of Inspire gym: 

This is an elite class gym in Dhaka ,membership plan starts with 4000 Tk week .


751, Shatmasjid road ,7th floor , Dhanmondi Dhaka

lalbag fort, lalbag kella, lalbag kella off day, lal bag kella, lalbag kella location,

Top Visiting Places in Dhaka City

Best Tourist place in Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil Museum:

ahsan manzil photos

Ahsan manzil is also called pink palace of Bangladesh, Ahsan Manzil is official resident of the last nawab of Bangladesh. The magnificent Ahsan Manzil is located at Kumartoli the bank of Buriganga  river in Dhaka . It has been designated as a national museum .

Ahsan Manzil History:

The history of Ahsan manzil is really amazing .n Mughal era, there was a garden house of Sheikh Enayet Ullah, the landlord of Jamalpur porgona (district), in this place. Sheikh Enayet Ullah was a very charming person. He acquired a very big area in Kumortuli (Kumartuli) and included it in his garden house. Here he built a beautiful palace and named it “Rongmohol”. He used to enjoy here keeping beautiful girls collecting from the country and abroad, dressing them with gorgeous dresses and expensive ornaments. There is a saying that, the foujdar of Dhaka (representative of mughal emperor) in that time was attracted to one of the beautiful girls among them. He invited Sheikh Enayet Ullah in a party one night and killed him in a conspiracy when he was returning home. That girl also committed suicide in anger and sorrow. There was a grave of Sheikh Enayet Ullah in the north-east corner of the palace yard which was ruined in the beginning of 20th century.

In that time, the French became very wealthy by doing business here in competition with the English and other European companies. They made a big palace and dug a pond for sweet water in the newly purchased property. The pond still exists in the compound of Ahsan Manjil which was called “Les Jalla” in that time. In the English-French war, French got defeated and all their properties were captured by the English. In the 22nd June of 1757, the French left the trading house with a fleet of 35 boats from the river station of Buriganga in front of Kumartuli.

Ahsan manzil location/Ahsan manzil kothay:

The exact location of Ahsan manzil /pink palace is Islampur Rd, Old Dhaka City, Dhaka, 1100, Bangladesh.

Ahsan manzil off day:

Ahsan Manzil is closed all the government holiday and weekly closed only Thursday .

How to go Ahsan Manzil:

You can reach exact Ahsan manzil by taking local transport of bd such as rickshaw ,cng or uber any part of Dhaka city .

Things to do in Ahsan Manzil:

  • In this beautiful pink palace you can see Nineteenth-century soldier’s armor, a brief history of the building, pre- and post-renovated photographs and paintings. Ahsan Manzil for sale at auction and instructions to build a new building.
  • Cabinets, utensils, lanterns and chandeliers used by nawab of Dhaka  .
  • Palace dining room, the Nawab’s official dining room.
  • Some of advanced equipment used in Sir Ahsan Ullah Jubilee Memorial Hospital are on display here.
  • Muslim League Room. This room was used as the court hall of the Nawabs. The gallery contains a large oil painting of the leaders of the All India Muslim League who attended the conference in Shahbag during the founding of the All India Muslim League.

You can take beautiful images of Ahsan manzil and if you want you can go sadar ghat .

Ahsan manzil ticket price:

The ticket price of Ahsan manzil is very cheap only 5 TK for Bangladeshi visitors and for international visitor it will be 1$ .


Lalbagh Fort:

lalbag fort, lalbag kella, lalbag kella off day, lal bag kella, lalbag kella location,lalbag fort, lalbag kella, lalbag kella off day, lal bag kella, lalbag kella location,

Lalbagh Fort is located in the Lalbagh area of old Dhaka on the banks of the river Buriganga in the south side  of the capital Dhaka. Emperor Aurangzeb planned to build beautiful Lalbagh Fort but he can’t , In that time his son  Prince Azam started the construction of Lalbagh Fort in 16 AD. At the start , Lalbagh Fort was named as Aurangabad Fort or Aurangabad Kella . Aurangabad fort was renamed in 1844 to Lalbag fort or lalbagh kella .

Lalbag fort Ticket price :

The ticket price of Lalbag fort 20 Tk for local tourist and 100 tk for saarc country tourists & 200 tk for others country tourists .

Lalbag Fort Opening Time :

Lalbagh Fort is closed for full and half days on Sundays and Mondays of the week respectively. Lalbagh fort is also closed on all special public holidays.

Sunday – Weekly off
Monday – 2:30 to 6 p.m.
Friday – 10am to 6pm (closed from 12:30 pm to 2pm)
The rest of the week – 10am to 6pm (sometimes closed from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm)

Lalbag kella off day:

Lalbag is closed on Sunday and all public holidays .

How to go lalbagh kella/fort :

There is a special bus service to visit Lalbagh Fort from the front of Bangladesh National Museum located in Shahbag. Besides, you can easily reach Lalbagh Fort by renting a rickshaw from New Market and Gulistan in Dhaka for 40 to 50 tk.

Lalbag kella Location :

Lalbag kella is located at puran Dhaka -Lalbagh Rd, Dhaka 1211.


Basically hatirjheel is created for public movement & traffic congestion but the beauty of hatirjheel was impressed tourists .And now hatirjheel is most popular tourist spot in dhaka.Any one can visit hatirjheel night & day . Hatirjheel is a lakefront in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before 2009, It was a slum area that has been transformed into a recreation area as well as an alternate way to ease traffic congestion. The area was constructed under Bangladesh Army and the Special Works Organization.

How it named:

As British kings,elephants of the kings of Bhawal were kept in Pilkhana.these elephants used to the lake for bathing,after that people called it hatirjheel.

Hatirjheel Water Dance:

This is an attractive things in  hatirjheel dhaka & this is Largest Colorful Musical Water Dancing Fountain In Dhaka City . The dancing fountain Cover 1,683 square metres, the Fountain of Wealth shoots water up to 13 metres high.

Hatirjheel water dance time:

The hatirjheel water dance schedule is  for winter season 08:00 pm and for summer season 09:00 pm.

Hatirjheel Night View:

Here we share some night view photos of beautiful hatirjheel

night view of hatirjheel dhaka city

Hatirjheel Night View

How to go Hatirjheel:

You can reach hatirjheel by bus or rikshaw & CNG  form any part of Dhaka City.