Barisal to dhaka launch

Barisal to Dhaka Launch Schedule & Price (2021)

Barisal to Dhaka launch ticket

Most of the people do not find good article about Barisal to Dhaka launch That’s why we write about Barisal to Dhaka launch ticket price , Barisal to Dhaka Launch Cabin Booking ,Barisal to Dhaka launch time table ,Barisal to Dhaka launch Contact Number .

Barisal to Dhaka Launch Schedule:

Dhaka to Barisal Launch time schedule

Launch Name Time-Table Contact Number
MV Parabat-2 8:15 PM 01821-239324
MV Parabat-7 8:30 PM 01821-239324
MV Parabat-9 8:45 PM 01821-239324
MV Parabat-11 9:00 PM 01821-239324
MV Sundarban-7 9:00 PM 01821-239324
MV Sundarban-8 8:30 PM 01821-239324
MV Kamal Khan-1 8:45 PM 01821-239324
MV Surabhi-7 9:00 PM 01821-239324
MV Surabhi-8 8:45 PM 01821-239324
Manami 8:45 PM 01821-239324

Barisal to Dhaka Launch Ticket Price:

Dhaka to Barisal Ticket Price

Class Price
VIP-1 Start from 4000
VIP-2 Start from 4000
VIP-3 Start from 4000
VIP-4 Start from 3000
Semi VIP Start from 2600
Family Cabin 1700
Cabin Double 1600
Cabin Single 850
Deck 200

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