Best cafes in Gulshan

Best 5 café in Gulshan

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Are you a fan of coffee? Well, don’t we all love that! There are some cafes in Gulshan that are just right for your food + insta posts. Read full article to know more about some of the best cafes in Gulshan where you can spend some time with your friends over a cup of coffee or a delicious bite of a sandwich while enjoying good music.

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Dhaka Digital have made a list of the top five cafes in Gulshan . Some of the cafes are the perfect spot for instagramers looking for that perfect instagrammable café for their feed.

  • café mango – Best Hangout Place
  • vintage café – With The Coolest Decor
  • white canary – Coffee And Culture
  • sweetsin cafe house – A Well Decorated Place
  • Crème de la Crème – The Essence Of French Elegance
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees – A Stylish Place

#Cafe Mango | Best Coffee shop in Gulshan:

Cafe Mango is one of the best authentic café in Gulshan.

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