Best buffet in Dhanmondi

10 Best buffet in Dhanmondi

Buffet Restaurant in Dhanmondi

Everybody loves buffet, you will eat as much as want without having to think amount of money .But that doesn’t true for every buffet in Dhanmondi Dhaka That is why we bring you the  best buffet in Dhanmondi .Now it’s gonna you one second work to get buffet restaurant in Dhanmondi with price .

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The Buffet Stories:

best buffet in Dhanmondi

The buffet Stories is one of the best buffet restaurant in Dhanmondi , Here you will get lot of delicious  food . Most of the important thing is Buffet Stories is famous for it’s homely hospitality. This budget friendly buffet in Dhanmondi have more then 100+ food items and drinks item.

The buffet Stories is known as cheap buffet restaurant in Dhanmondi with huge of space .

The Buffet Stories buffet price : 

Meal for one person in buffet stories in Dhanmondi 799 BDT .

Address of Buffet Stories :

Level-06, Imperial Amin Center, House #54, Road #10/A, Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi 1205 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Contact Number: 01313-737919

The Cafe Rio :

best buffet in Dhanmondi cafe rio

The cafe rio is another top 2 best buffet restaurant in Dhanmondi , this restaurant is in our second list . Cafe Rio have more then 110 + buffet item excluding drinks item  with sourended by gorgeous decoration and eye catchy interiors .We promise that you will be most happiest person in the world after look quality of Food Items .Everything is cooked to the utmost perfection .

The cafe rio buffet price:  

The price of cafe rio Dhanmondi is start from 699 BDT .

Address of Cafe Rio Dhanmondi:  

5th Floor, House # 6 Road # 2, Jashimuddin Ave, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh 1230 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh


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