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Dhaka to Patuakhali launch ticket price 2021

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch(cabin booking & price)

Dhaka to Patuakhali launch 2021

Waterways is always enjoyable and romantic route in every situation ,when it came for Dhaka to Patuakhali water ways it will be more reliable. You can travel Dhaka to Patuakhali by Bus or Private Car but most of the passengers prefer Dhaka to Patuakhali by launch because of hassle free, cost effective & Comfortable. There are more then 5 Thousand traveler daily travel in this river way (Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch).

In this article you will get all the information about in this route such as Dhaka to Patuakhali launch,Dhaka to Patuakhali launch cabin booking ,Dhaka to Patuakhali launch schedule 2021, Dhaka to Patuakhali launch ticket price, Dhaka to Patuakhali launch contact number.

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch Time Table:

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch schedule

Launch Name Schedule Number
Sundrbon Launch 9.45pm 01718-453989
Dipraz Launch 05:45 PM 01778 786 954
MV Kirtonkhola Launch 07:45 PM 01821-239324
Greenline Launch 8.00am 01730-060071
Sirajdikhan Launch 07:45 PM 01798 288691
Surovi Launch 08:30 PM 01798 288691
Parabat Launch 09:00 PM 01711-358838

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch Ticket Price (2021):

For traveling to Dhaka to Patuakhali launch you have to collect tickets ,You can buy tickets from sadar ghat, aricha ghat, dowlotdiya ghat and for cabin reservation direct call us (01957-345431) .Here we show list of tickets with price :

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch ticket price

Types Price
Deck 200 BDT
Sofa 500 BDT
Cabin Single 1000 BDT
Double Cabin 1800 BDT
Family Cabin 2000 BDT
Semi VIP 2700 BDT
VIP-1 4000 BDT
VIP-2 4000 BDT
VIP - 3 4000 BDT
VIP -4 3000 BDT

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch Cabin Booking:

Surovi Launch cabin booking:

Single Cabin:

surovi lauch single cabin picture

Price: 1000  BDT

Contact Number: 01957345431

Couple Cabin :

couple cabin of dhaka to barisal mv manami launch

Price: 2000 BDT

Contact Number: 01952-240424

Family Cabin:

Price :2500 BDT

Contact Number: 01952-240424

VIP Cabin:

surovi lauch vip cabin picture

Price :5000 BDT

Contact Number: 01952-240424

Kirtonkhola Launch Cabin Booking:

MV Kirtonkhola Launch picture

Single Cabin:

MV Kirtonkhola Launch single cabin picture

Price: 1000 BDT

Number: 01957345431

Double Cabin:

Price: 2000 BDT

Number: 01821239324

VIP Cabin :

Price: 2000 BDT

Number: 01821239324

Sundrbon Launch Cabin Booking:

sundarban launch picture

Single Cabin : 1000 BDT

Double Cabin : 2000 BDT

VIP Cabin : 5000 BDT

Contact Number: 01957-345431

Paravat Launch  Cabin Booking:

mv paravat launch picture

Single Cabin : 1000 BDT

Double Cabin : 2000 BDT

VIP Cabin : 5000 BDT

Contact Number: 01821-239324

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