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Top Visiting Places in Dhaka City

Best Tourist place in Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil Museum:

ahsan manzil photos

Ahsan manzil is also called pink palace of Bangladesh, Ahsan Manzil is official resident of the last nawab of Bangladesh. The magnificent Ahsan Manzil is located at Kumartoli the bank of Buriganga  river in Dhaka . It has been designated as a national museum .

Ahsan Manzil History:

The history of Ahsan manzil is really amazing .n Mughal era, there was a garden house of Sheikh Enayet Ullah, the landlord of Jamalpur porgona (district), in this place. Sheikh Enayet Ullah was a very charming person. He acquired a very big area in Kumortuli (Kumartuli) and included it in his garden house. Here he built a beautiful palace and named it “Rongmohol”. He used to enjoy here keeping beautiful girls collecting from the country and abroad, dressing them with gorgeous dresses and expensive ornaments. There is a saying that, the foujdar of Dhaka (representative of mughal emperor) in that time was attracted to one of the beautiful girls among them. He invited Sheikh Enayet Ullah in a party one night and killed him in a conspiracy when he was returning home. That girl also committed suicide in anger and sorrow. There was a grave of Sheikh Enayet Ullah in the north-east corner of the palace yard which was ruined in the beginning of 20th century.

In that time, the French became very wealthy by doing business here in competition with the English and other European companies. They made a big palace and dug a pond for sweet water in the newly purchased property. The pond still exists in the compound of Ahsan Manjil which was called “Les Jalla” in that time. In the English-French war, French got defeated and all their properties were captured by the English. In the 22nd June of 1757, the French left the trading house with a fleet of 35 boats from the river station of Buriganga in front of Kumartuli.

Ahsan manzil location/Ahsan manzil kothay:

The exact location of Ahsan manzil /pink palace is Islampur Rd, Old Dhaka City, Dhaka, 1100, Bangladesh.

Ahsan manzil off day:

Ahsan Manzil is closed all the government holiday and weekly closed only Thursday .

How to go Ahsan Manzil:

You can reach exact Ahsan manzil by taking local transport of bd such as rickshaw ,cng or uber any part of Dhaka city .

Things to do in Ahsan Manzil:

  • In this beautiful pink palace you can see Nineteenth-century soldier’s armor, a brief history of the building, pre- and post-renovated photographs and paintings. Ahsan Manzil for sale at auction and instructions to build a new building.
  • Cabinets, utensils, lanterns and chandeliers used by nawab of Dhaka  .
  • Palace dining room, the Nawab’s official dining room.
  • Some of advanced equipment used in Sir Ahsan Ullah Jubilee Memorial Hospital are on display here.
  • Muslim League Room. This room was used as the court hall of the Nawabs. The gallery contains a large oil painting of the leaders of the All India Muslim League who attended the conference in Shahbag during the founding of the All India Muslim League.

You can take beautiful images of Ahsan manzil and if you want you can go sadar ghat .

Ahsan manzil ticket price:

The ticket price of Ahsan manzil is very cheap only 5 TK for Bangladeshi visitors and for international visitor it will be 1$ .


Lalbagh Fort:

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Lalbagh Fort is located in the Lalbagh area of old Dhaka on the banks of the river Buriganga in the south side  of the capital Dhaka. Emperor Aurangzeb planned to build beautiful Lalbagh Fort but he can’t , In that time his son  Prince Azam started the construction of Lalbagh Fort in 16 AD. At the start , Lalbagh Fort was named as Aurangabad Fort or Aurangabad Kella . Aurangabad fort was renamed in 1844 to Lalbag fort or lalbagh kella .

Lalbag fort Ticket price :

The ticket price of Lalbag fort 20 Tk for local tourist and 100 tk for saarc country tourists & 200 tk for others country tourists .

Lalbag Fort Opening Time :

Lalbagh Fort is closed for full and half days on Sundays and Mondays of the week respectively. Lalbagh fort is also closed on all special public holidays.

Sunday – Weekly off
Monday – 2:30 to 6 p.m.
Friday – 10am to 6pm (closed from 12:30 pm to 2pm)
The rest of the week – 10am to 6pm (sometimes closed from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm)

Lalbag kella off day:

Lalbag is closed on Sunday and all public holidays .

How to go lalbagh kella/fort :

There is a special bus service to visit Lalbagh Fort from the front of Bangladesh National Museum located in Shahbag. Besides, you can easily reach Lalbagh Fort by renting a rickshaw from New Market and Gulistan in Dhaka for 40 to 50 tk.

Lalbag kella Location :

Lalbag kella is located at puran Dhaka -Lalbagh Rd, Dhaka 1211.


Basically hatirjheel is created for public movement & traffic congestion but the beauty of hatirjheel was impressed tourists .And now hatirjheel is most popular tourist spot in dhaka.Any one can visit hatirjheel night & day . Hatirjheel is a lakefront in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before 2009, It was a slum area that has been transformed into a recreation area as well as an alternate way to ease traffic congestion. The area was constructed under Bangladesh Army and the Special Works Organization.

How it named:

As British kings,elephants of the kings of Bhawal were kept in Pilkhana.these elephants used to the lake for bathing,after that people called it hatirjheel.

Hatirjheel Water Dance:

This is an attractive things in  hatirjheel dhaka & this is Largest Colorful Musical Water Dancing Fountain In Dhaka City . The dancing fountain Cover 1,683 square metres, the Fountain of Wealth shoots water up to 13 metres high.

Hatirjheel water dance time:

The hatirjheel water dance schedule is  for winter season 08:00 pm and for summer season 09:00 pm.

Hatirjheel Night View:

Here we share some night view photos of beautiful hatirjheel

night view of hatirjheel dhaka city

Hatirjheel Night View

How to go Hatirjheel:

You can reach hatirjheel by bus or rikshaw & CNG  form any part of Dhaka City.