Best restaurant in Baily road

Best 5 Baily Road Restaurants 2022

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Top Bailey road restaurants

Baily road is one most crowded place in Dhaka City , The reason behind crowded is , most of the best restaurant in City is located here. This place is also known as Capital of restaurant in Dhaka City.

A best restaurant is not only a place for eating foods but also a place for relaxation, hangout with friends, and enjoying some beautiful moments. So, a good restaurant needs to have a beautiful  decorated space , customer friendly environment . Besides, it generally offers some natural or artificial beauties.

Dhaka Digital has made a list of best 5 restaurant in Baily Road based on their food quality , service quality , environment and finally price range .

Let’s have a look of Best restaurant in baily road:

Boomers Café -Baily Road:

The original food brand in Dhaka City, they start their journey in 2001. Carry on a restaurant business in Dhaka City is not just a fun there are lot of scarifies here . Dhaka Digital listed it Number #1 because it hasn’t any bad reputation in their long carrier .

If you are seeking for best restaurant new baily road then Boomers Café will be the best option . The environment of this restaurant is really satisfied you and the food quality is 10/10 .

Must try item:

Personally I always try their fried rice with sea fish.


Navana Baily Star (3rd Floor)
9 Nawratan Colony,New Baily
Road Dhaka.
Mobile: +88 01324933498

Nawabi Voj – Baily Road:

Another best restaurants in baily road with delicious food items.

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