Italian restaurant in Dhaka

Italian Restaurant in Dhaka City (list of 2024)

Italian food is one of the best popular food and widespread international cuisines. As we know Dhaka City is the capital of Bangladesh so there are a lot of people live here and most of them are food abdicated . Dhaka guys are very excited about food and when it comes for Italian food . …

best dentist in dhaka city

Best Dentist in Dhaka City(List of 2024)

A dentist is a specialized professional dedicated to preventing, diagnosing, and treating various dental issues. This expert commonly identifies and addresses dental problems, including the removal of tooth decay, filling cavities, and repairing damaged teeth. The main purpose being a best dentist in Dhaka have consistently focused on assisting individuals in maintaining optimal oral health …

dhaka city tourist spot

Lalbagh Kella Dhaka – Must Visiting Place

Lalbagh kella/fort is one of the best tourist attraction of Capital City of Bangladesh and this is one of the unfinished Mughal fort which was started by Mughal prince who was the governor of Dhaka City at that time . Check Also : Best Tourist Spot in Dhaka  Lalbagh kella is located at Old Dhaka …