Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket prices are from 1800 To 3700 BDT per seat , there are 3 trains available in this route , such as Maitree Express , Sohadro and so on . 

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Dhaka to Kolkata Train

Dhaka is the capital city of Beautiful Bangladesh  and Kolkata is the most busiest city in India. So everyday more than ten thousand plus people travel to Kolkata from Dhaka for work related issues , sickness and other things . 

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There are many ways to go to Kolkata such as Dhaka to Kolkata by air , Dhaka to Kolkata by bus and Dhaka to Kolkata by Train, but from these ways the best way to go Kolkata is By Train .  

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Are you planning for a trip to Kolkata from Dhaka by train or seeking information about Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket price ?? Yes you are right. There are a lot of websites that write about the Kolkata to Dhaka train schedule but 99% of them are old information . So Dhaka Digital Cyber Team made an article about Dhaka to Kolkata Train.

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Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule 🚂:

As we know in 2022, the government of India and the government of Bangladesh decided to run only one train on this route that is Maitree Express. Don’t worry it runs 6 days a week. Only its service is closed on Thursday. Maitree Express starts its journey from Dhaka Cantonment and reaches Chitpur station, Kolkata. It approximately takes 10 to 12 hours to reach Kolkata including immigration process.

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Dhaka to Kolkata Time Schedule:

  • Dhaka to Kolkata: Fridays. Monday, Wednesdays
  • Kolkata to Dhaka: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday
  • Travel Time: 10-12 hours

Now I will tell you Dhaka to Kolkata train schedule with the time table. Here you get all the train’s latest rent & all update information.

Days Leave (Dhaka time) Train No
Friday 08:15 am 3107
Saturday 08:15 am 3110
Sunday 08:15 am 3107
Wednesday 08:15 am 3110

Kolkata To Dhaka Train Schedule

Days Leave (Kolkata time) Train No
Friday 07:10 am 3109
Saturday 07:10 am 3108
Monday 07:10 am 3108
Tuesday 07:10 am 3109

Child Policy

Up to the age of 5 years will be charged at 50% of the fare for the class of travel. Travel Tax and Vat will be charged if applicable.

Train Tracking

  • Go to your mobile SMS option
  • tr <space> Train no. Or tr <space> Train name
  • Send to 16318
  • The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  • SMS charge 4 taka+vat.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Ticket Price:

The most frequently asked question is what is the price of Dhaka to Kolkata train? The answer is it depends on the class , there are two types of seats available in Maitree Express which are Ac chair and ac first class cabin . 

Ac Chair Ticket Price : 2,500 Tk (with travel tax)

Ac First Class Cabin : 3,400 Tk (with travel tax)

“Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket price 2022 are AC chair 2500 Tk (including travel tax) and Ac first class cabin 3400 Tk (including travel tax ) ”

Dhaka to Kolkata Train cabin Ticket Price

If you want to travel by first class cabin, it will cost you a little bit more than the AC chair Class. For each seat, the first class cabin will cost 3400 Tk including vat and travel tax. You don’t need to pay your travel tax extra as it’s included with the ticket.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Ticket Booking :

To purchase your Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket just go to Dhaka cantonment railway station or Kamalapur railway station for purchase Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket and for Kolkata to Dhaka train ticket Chitpur station Kolkata . 

Dhaka to Kolkata train online booking:

Nowadays booking your favorite seat is very easy , Bangladesh railway ministry makes a website for online e ticketing . Just go and purchase your ticket from Bangladesh Railway.

Best Train to go Kolkata :

Maitree Express :

Maitree express is the only train and best train to go Dhaka to Kolkata , the train has total 10 bogis and is totally air conditioned .