Month: September 2023

best bar in dhaka

10 Best Bar in Dhaka City ( List of 2024)

During my time living in Dhaka City , I figured out the 3 things that Dhaka famous for : Cultural Events , River and Night Club or Bar. Yes that is the reason it’s called the city of Joy and Dream , Known for friends adda with a cup of cocktails . Check Also : …

best pizza in dhaka

5 Best pizza in Dhaka Town (List of 2023)

Pizza has grown in popularity in Dhaka, Bangladesh, due to its great taste, diverse toppings, and ease of preparation. This food attract every ages peoples due to it’s authentic taste , There are so many types of pizza now popular in Dhaka City such as Margherita and Pepperoni, as well as unique flavors such as …

best travel agency in dhaka

10 Best Travel Agency in Dhaka (Approved list of 2024)

A travel agency is a retailer that provides best travel and tourism-related services to its customers. These services can include air tickets, car booking, cheap or expensive hotel booking, cruise lines, and various other travel packages. A reliable best travel agency in Dhaka can provide a lot of value when traveling abroad, especially given the …

sajek chander gari price list

Sajek Valley Chander Gari Price List (চান্দের গাড়ি)

Sajek Valley is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Bangladesh and this is the number 1 place for couple choose for honeymoon . So everyday more than 1000 + tourists are travel to Beautiful sajek valley , You can’t go Sajek directly for that tourists are use powerful jeep car called ( Chander …