Ambulance services provide prompt medical care to patients, ensuring that they receive immediate attention and care. By providing first aid and stabilizing the patient’s condition, ambulance services can help prevent the condition from worsening. as we know Dhaka City (capital city of Bangladesh) is the most largest city in Bangladesh with more than 3 corer population .

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As it’s 3 corer population no family want to lost someone special , everyone need ambulance service in Dhaka on their emergency situations. There are a lot of ambulance service and air ambulance service have in Dhaka , Mirpur , Uttara , Dhanmondi and other location but all of them are not service provider, most of them are money & time lost service .

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Ambulance service in Dhaka

So Dhaka City team write an authentic content about emergency ambulance service in Dhaka based on their service quality , let’s explore

Ambulance Dhaka

  1. Alif Ambulance Service
  2. Ambulance BD 24
  3. Ambulance Service Bangladesh
  4. 24 Ambulance Service
  5. Ali Ambulance Service
  6. Jamuna Air Ambulance
  7. Dhaka Air Ambulance

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Alif Ambulance Service – Dhanmondi

Alif ambulance service is one of the best ambulance in Dhanmondi , started their journey 1997 ,The institution has all the facilities to transport the patients and deliver the dead bodies to the next of kin. Alif Ambulance Services has emergency patient and dead body transport through ICU, Mortuary and AC Ambulance. We operate our service operations all over Bangladesh.

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  1. ICU Ambulance
  2. Fringing Ambulance
  3. AC Ambulance


Call: 01713205555

Call: 01552637705


76/A, (A1) Ahmed Plaza, Paschim Panthpath, Bir Uttam Kazi Nuruzzaman Road, Dhaka-1215

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Ambulance BD 24 – Uttara

Ambulance BD 24 is another leading ambulance and air ambulance service in Dhaka Mohakhali , they started their journey at 2012 and continue  their business without any bad reputation . This company provide all types of ambulance service with very low cost .

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  1. Air Ambulance
  2. ICU Ambulance
  3. Fringing Ambulance
  4. AC Ambulance


Call: 01919-339689

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Ambulance Service Bangladesh – Uttara

This is another top ambulance service provider in Bangladesh located at Uttara , they has a lot of ambulance such as ICU , NICU , CCU , HDU , PICU , ALS , BLS and Air Ambulance Service .

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  1. ICU Ambulance
  2. NICU AMbulance
  3. CCU Ambulance
  4. HDU Ambulance
  5. PICU Ambulance
  6. ALS Ambulance
  7. BLS Ambulance
  8. Freezing Ambulance
  9. Air Ambulance


Call: 01405 600 700

Jamuna Air Ambulance

Air ambulance is a service that transports patients from one region to another or from one country to another urgently. Patients with critical conditions, who are not getting the necessary treatment or sufficient treatment for their condition in their country, may need a long distance transportation to a different country.

We have air ambulances for such cases, our patients will not have to wait for any sorts of airport customs, everything will be taken care of. The equipment onboard will vary with the patient’s case or their need, such as life support. There will be specialized, highly qualified and experienced doctors or crew onboard for the patient as well.

Jamuna Air Ambulance is the first and best air ambulance service in Dhaka located at Dhanmondi , they started their journey from 2002  and continue till now without any bad reputation . They mainly focus on air ambulance service in Dhaka to reach patient home to hospital within very short time .


  1. Air Ambulance
  2. CCU Ambulance
  3. DLS & ALS Ambulance


Call:  01714-360988


43/R/5-A, C.N.S Tower, West Panthapath, Bir Uttam Kazi Nuruzzaman Road,, Dhaka 1215

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Best ambulance service in Dhaka City ?

A: Alif Ambulance service is the best ambulance service in Dhaka.

Q: Air Ambulance Cost From Dhaka to Singapore?

A: Air Ambulance Cost From Dhaka to Singapore is 7,50,000 BDT . 

Q: Air ambulance Cost From Chittagong to Dhaka ?

A: Air Ambulance Cost From Chittagong to Dhaka is 2,20000 BDT .

Q: Air ambulance Cost From Sylhet to Dhaka ?

A: Air Ambulance Cost From Sylhet to Dhaka is 2,20000 BDT .