Finding the best place to work out in Dhaka can be daunting and overwhelming. With so many gyms across the city, it surely can be difficult to know which is the right body fit for you and your fitness goals or gym goals . That’s why sorted a list of gyms review Dhaka’s top gyms and provide you with a comprehensive guide on what each has to offer. Are you’re looking for a place to get fit, build muscle, or just have fun, our acurate guide will help you find the perfect gym in Dhaka. So read on and discover the best gym in Dhaka City!

Gym In Dhaka

Let’s see best gym in Dhaka according to their service and many more

Dhaka Fitness

The gym in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a very reputed fitness centre well known for its excellent trainers and instructors. The gym provides an atmosphere that encourages movement development through fitness and gymnastics for kids, teens, and adults. Its mission is to give people of all ages the opportunity to stay fit and healthy while having fun at the same time.

At this gym, members will find various fitness classes, such as kickboxing, Zumba, aerobics, yoga, and strength training. Members can also utilize the latest gym equipment like treadmills, ellipticals machines, weights etc. The cost of gym membership varies depending on the type of membership chosen. There are monthly plans available as well as yearly contracts.For those looking for a ladies-only gym in Dhaka, several options are available, including gyms in Malibagh Dhaka City,

Mohammadpur Dhaka City and Banani Dhaka City. These gyms offer various services, such as personal training sessions with certified trainers and group classes in everything from aerobics to weight lifting. All these locations have female-only spaces where women can work out without hesitation or pressure from male members or trainers.

Combined gyms are also popular in Dhaka since they allow both male and female members to enjoy their workout sessions together. Such facilities are available across different areas, including Uttara Dhaka city, which has many mixed-gender gyms that offer great equipment at reasonable prices and experienced instructors who provide customized workout routines if needed.

No matter what kind of fitness centre one is looking for in Dhaka – be it a ladies-only gym or a combined facility – plenty of options are available that cater to all kinds of needs and budgets. With carefully chosen trainers and equipment provided at every location, anyone looking to stay fit in Dhaka should check out what’s on offer!

Contact Information

  • Address: D.C.C. Ta- 99, Gulshan Link Tower (Gulshan-Badda Link Road), Bir Uttam A.K. Khandakar Road, Gulshan, Dhaka- 1212
  • Phone: +8801732 325353, +8802 8981514
  • Email:

Gulshan Fitness

Gulshan fitness is one of the top class gym in Dhaka city ,Are you looking for a gym in Dhaka to help you reach your fitness goals? Gulshan Fitness is the choice for you! Our facility offers a comprehensive body composition analysis to measure your overall health and tailor your fitness plan. Our team of highly experienced & propositional trainers is available 24/7 to provide guidance and ensure you reach your goal.

At Gulshan Fitness, we believe that fitness should be a lifestyle. That’s why our staff takes time to get to know you and develop an individualized program based on your needs and capabilities. From strength training and cardio to nutrition counseling and wellness advice, our team has everything needed to help transform your life. Plus, we offer a range of classes tailored for all abilities so that everyone can join in the fun!

Our gym also has the latest equipment necessary for any kind of workout. We have it all, whether it’s weights, treadmills, or machines. We also provide nutritional supplements and access to dieticians who can help devise an optimal eating plan for each member. So whatever your goals may be, Gulshan Fitness will put you on a path toward success & quality body!

Gulshan Fitness is not just about getting fit; we also want our members to enjoy themselves while they work out! There’s something here for everyone, with facilities like saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. And if you’re looking for something more specialized, ladies-only gyms are also available at our location.

At Gulshan Fitness, we understand that everyone’s journey is different; that’s why our team works hard every day to ensure each member gets the support they need to achieve their goals. With detailed analysis and personalized plans created by experienced trainers, there’s no better place than Gulshan Fitness when starting or improving your fitness routine!

Contact Information

  • Address: House 7A Road No 41 Gulshan 2 (Beside Lakeshore Hotel & side Banani 11 Bridge Dhaka, 1212, Bangladesh
  • Phone: +880 1715-586705
  • Email: