Do you live in Bangladesh and lead a busy lifestyle? Are you looking for the best laundry service to make your life simpler? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of Bangladesh’s 9 best laundry services that provide reliable, efficient, and high-quality services. Whether it’s dry cleaning, ironing, or simply washing clothes, these services can save you time and effort so that you can focus on other important tasks. From online laundry service providers to those in Mohakhali, we have listed the top 9 laundries offering affordable prices and quality services. So read on to find out which one suits your needs the most!

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Laundry Service in Bangladesh

Are you seeking for best laundry service in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Yes you are right website , there are thousand of service available in Bangladesh but not all are suitable for you . So Dhaka City Digital write an article about Top 10 laundry service in Dhaka.

let’s see 9 best laundry service list:

  1. Top Clean
  2. E-Laundry
  3. Hello Laundry
  4. Pick My Laundry
  5. Laundry Bari
  6. Wash Out
  7. 30 Minute Washing
  8. Dhopa Ghat
  9. Best Laundry Service

Top Clean – Best Laundry Service

Call: 01615-286379  Website : Click Here

This is one of the best laundry service in Dhaka City , Top Clean is an excellent laundry service that can help you wash, dry clean, and press your clothes. They are cautious with every item of clothing, such as shirts, coats, kameezes, sarees, and winter wear for both men and women. When you use their service, you get better laundry results. Fresher smells and nicely pressed items. They also use unique ways to clean your clothes that help keep them from shrinking or losing color.

E-Laundry – Online Based Laundry Service

Call: 01775-070060 Website : Click Here

E laundry is another best laundry service in Bangladesh,E-Laundry is an excellent laundry service in Bangladesh. They have the latest & unique machines and cleaning techniques to help make your clothes look new. They also make sure they follow all the laws, rules, and regulations to protect the environment. E-Laundry is here to make sure you get the best quality service!.

Hello Laundry – Top Class Laundry

Call: 01878 330077 Website : Click Here

Hello, Laundry is a great company in Bangladesh that helps people with their Laundry. On their website,, you can get your nice clothes washed, dried, and ironed for an affordable price. Plus, they freely pick up and deliver the dresses to your home! They also have special packages like dry cleaning and washing so you can choose what works best for you. Hello, Laundry is a reliable service provider making it easier to keep your clothes clean!

Pick My Laundry

Call:01878 330077  Website : Click Here

Pick My Laundry is a company in Bangladesh that helps people with their laundry needs. On their website,, you can easily schedule and pay for services like washing and drying clothes and folding and ironing them. Pick My Laundry offers free pick-up and delivery, so you don’t have to worry about getting your items to the store! With reasonable prices and excellent customer service, Pick My Laundry is a great choice for all your laundry needs.