Tourist spot in Sylhet

Top 10 Best Tourist spot in Sylhet 2022

Top places to visit in Sylhet

Sylhet , a peacefully destination where the morning bring mist and magic . We all know Sylhet is the tourist capital of Bangladesh . The city is full of amazing tourist spot , eye catchy sightseeing spots , Historical Place , Historical place , Picnic Spot  and much more.

Are you planning trip to Sylhet,  make sure you visit the Best Tourist spot in Sylhet to remember the unforgettable scene in Beautiful Sylhet City . For that reason Dhaka Digital listed down some of the best places to visit in Sylhet those will make you fall in love again and again.

Sylhet visiting place with Family : 

Are you visiting beautiful Sylhet with your parents spouse, and kids? The city has a long list of places to visit in Sylhet City where families can have fun and create indelible memories. Here’re some of the best places to visit in Sylhet with family:

List of Best Tourist Spot in Sylhet

SL NO Place
1 Lalakhal Sylhet
2 Tanguar Haor
3 Sreemongol
4 Panthumai
5 Luvachora
6 Bisnakandi
7 Jaflong
8 Jadukata
9 Bholagonj
10 Ratargul Swamp Forest

Lalakhal – Best Sylhet beautiful place:

Lalakhal Sylhet Picture

Photo Credit : Unsplash

Lalakhal Sylhet is one of the top tourist spot in Sylhet , Lalakhal sylhet jaintapur is known as Heart of Sylhet for that reason there  are a lot of tourist came here to see the Best tourist place in Sylhet . Basically Lalakhal flows from Cherrapunji India .

Lalakhal is actually a river which merge the stream of Shari . Lalakhal landscape is really beautiful the view of this river is really attract you more then your fav person .

Lalakhal is one of the most beautiful place in Sylhet. Lalakhal located saree River near Beautiful Tamabil road. This is the most suitable place to feel the nature very closely in Sylhet. The saree river is came from Cherrapunji hill and flows through the Beautiful Bangladesh. If you look at the hill, it seems someone draw those one by one with his own hand.The saree river water variety of colors blue, green, clear at different points. The place is most famous place to feel very close to the nature of Sylhet.

In the Lalakhal hills, there are dense green forests, rivers, tea-gardens, and huge amount of trees. If you can go full moon then the Lalakhal tour 2022 was remembering forever. The night is full beauty of Lalakhal. In each parts of the area in the Saree river, there are few areas where other rivers as the water flows. In Different areas of the Saree river, amazing multiple colors of the water can be seen. Like in one part of the river the color green can be seen, and another part of the green also another part of the clean. It is most attractive things in Lalakhal Sylhet. The saree river and the green forest and the tea garden all makes Lalakhal (Sylhet tourist spot) a must go for all tourists and travelers.

History of Lalakhal (Sylhet):
The history of beautiful Lalakhal hasn’t clear. Local people says that as the work color of saree river ,and the coloured stone of the river it is the main reason behind named (Lalakhal).

Maps of Lalakhal(Sylhet):

Location of Lalakhal(Sylhet):
In the north corner of Bangladesh ,at the border with India. In the Bangladesh side, on the banks of the Saree blue river, are called Lalakhal. Lalakhal is situated 35 kilometer away from the Sylhet city. Lalakhal is below the Cherapunji of India.

Things to do in Lalakhal(Sylhet):

• Boat riding at the blue water Saree river Lalakhal.
• It is ideal place for swimming & lying on the beach in the sun.
• Sit at the hill tops and enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mountains on Lalakhal.
• Must carry a camera I promise that you will capture most beautiful picture in your photography life.

How to go at Lalakhal(Sylhet):
From Dhaka you can’t go directly Lalakhal(Sylhet).At first you have to go Dhaka to Beautiful Sylhet, Here is online Bus Counter you can book from here both ac/non ac coach services .

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after arriving Sylhet You may take CNG auto rickshaw or bus heading towards highway close to Saree Goyain River. Then from Saree Ghat ,you have to take a boat to go  Beautiful Lalakhal.

Where to Stay at Lalakhal(Sylhet):
Lalakhal is 35 km far from Sylhet city ,If you want to stay at Sylhet city then you can book hotels from this link:

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Tanguar Haor – best tourist place in Sylhet:

Tanguar Haor Best tourist spot in Sylhet

Photo Collect : Flickr

Tanguar Haor is another top places to visit in Sylhet . Are you want stay night at middle of the Haor and open sky then Tanguar Haor is best option for you .The haor is a natural wetland ecosystem of national importance and recently  has come into international focus.

Tanguar Haor is the second largest sweet-water swamp area in Sunamgong Sylhet . The area of this beautifull tanguar haor is more then 104 square kilometer with 46 villages . Most of the important thing is Bangladesh Govt of tourism declared this as an Ecologically Critical Area in 1999 considering its critical condition as a result of over-exploitation of its natural resources.

Tanguar haor boat: 

tanguar haor boat

When you came to Tanguar haor boat is the main issue here ,managing a boat is very trap on spot .You have to book a boat before going Tanguar haor .

As we all know every tourist spot in Sylhet  has broker now ,if you deal with broker your tanguar haor tour will be more costly . For that reason Dhaka Digital help you to Book Tanguar Haor Boat online .

Just call us here : 01821-239324

Tanguar haor boat price:

As we know the complex part of Tanguar haor is rent a boat with solid price , Let’s see what are the regular price of boat :

Bojra – Premium Houseboat in Tanguar Haor :


Bojra Boat is the most premium boat in Tanguar Haor Sunamgonj . If you want to book boat you have book with boat own food facilities ,let’s see Bojra Premium Houseboat Cost:

Bojra – Premium Houseboat in Tanguar Haor Price

Person Full Package Including Food (per person)
For 6 Person 10500 BDT
For 7 Person 9200 BDT
For 8 Person 8250 BDT
For 9 Person 7500 BDT
For 10 Person 6900 BDT
For 11 Person 6400 BDT
For 12 Person 6000 BDT

Sindabad Tori – Premium boat in Tanguar Haor :

Still roofs create less hot inside the boat in the sun, and it is also comfortable when sitting on the roof. To get the boat comparatively low prices, bargain before starting the journey.

Tanguar haor tour package:

Tanguar haor tour plan:

Most of the frequently asked question is tell us some tanguar tour plan . Here we provide a best plan for Tanguar haor tour .

Tanguar haor tour guide:

Sreemangal Tea Gardens – porjoton spot in sylhet:

Sremangal Tourist spot

Photo Collect : Flirckr

Bengali love a good cup of tea (cha) and Bangladesh is one of the largest tea growers in the world . Sreemangal Tea Gardens is another best tourist spot in Sylhet . Around 25 percent of Bangladeshi total tea output comes from Sremangal Tea Garden.

The view of Sremangal Tea Garden is eye catchy , you didn’t saw that kind of view in your entry life.

How to go Sreemangal :

Sreemangal is 190 Kilometer away from the Capital City of Bangladesh , there are lot’s of ways to go Sreemangal but 3 of them are very comfortable and reliable ,those are By Bus, By Train , By Air .

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Where to Stay at Sreemangal : 

There are lot’s of hotels and resort have in Sreemagal but few of them are good quality let’s see :

Sreemangal Tea Resort:
Accommodation: Bungalows BDT 3,500-5,500, Suites BDT-3,500/-, Ip rooms BDT-2,500/-. Have to add 15% vat & 7% Service charge.
Address: Bangladesh Tea Board, Bhanugach Road, Srimangal, MauloviBazar.

Hotel Tea Town:
Accommodation: Deluxe non A/c BDT 1,000-1,250, Couple BDT 1,350/-, Suite BDT-1,550-1,850/-
Have to add 15% vat & 5% service charge
Address: Dhaka Sylhet Road, Sreemongal.

Bholaganj sada pathor – proton spot in Sylhet :

Best Tourist spot in SylhetBholaganj (ভোলাগঞ্জ ) is another notable tourist spot in Sylhet. Tourists come here every day to see Ropeway, stone quarry and mountain attractive scenes. The distance from Sylhet to Bholaganj is only 33 kilometers. The people of Assam, the capital city of Shillong, once upon a time used to travel by this route. Bangladesh largest Bholaganj stone quarry is located here.Tourists come here every day to see Ropeway, stone quarry and mountain attractive scenes.


The condition of Sylhet bholaganj Road is very poor condition, Without a personal vehicle, it will be difficult to travel with a woman/child. The road distance from Sylhet city is less, but due to the bad condition road will take approximately one and a half hours. At Bholaganj, you will be able to see everything after spending one and a half hours.

When to go:

Between May and October this is the best time to go.


Beautiful places in Bholaganj:


Bholaganj ropeway:

Every year rainy time  a lot of stone come to descend with Dolai river from indian khasia joyonti hill. And the Dolai river bottom has a lot of stone. This stone will be used for 50 years in our countries for many kinds of tasks. In 1964 to 1969 during this time made the Bholaganj silver way Scheme. These projects had cost only 2kore 15 lakh taka. British silver way engineering company complement in this scheme. In this scheme Bolagong to satok often 120 tower excavation Plant made for 11 kilometres silver way. Midway has four sub-stations. In this scheme was some construct task. Such as To side two electric power houses which are propelled  by diesel, bholaganj railway colony, School, mosque and rest house. Still in 1994 a lot of stone was uprooted by the excavation plant process. But at present this process is close. The concerned people said, now this  excavation machine has been closed often for 12 year. ” Because of her  lack of sufficient Labour, insufficient stone and disable engine. Before this stone Division had many kinds part.example uplifted  stone broken, Wash, sand shape, stone chips and truck blast etc. And then this stones part reserved a stil bucket and hung silver way. Every bucket has a retention capacity of 237 kilogram. This stone filling bucket was sent to satok.  

Since then the automatic process has been shut down. Now every contractor at first buy stone, then this stone will break many kinds of size.and after that this stone filling bucket sent Satok. This zone is like a bay.

Dolain river enters two divisions in bangladesh.then surrounding the plant after that combined. Dolai river United with piyain river in Companigonj upazila shodor.

The silver ways are 100 this reason this place is very attractive near all tourists.

Stone uplift scene :

Stone uplift scene bholagonj

Summer season stone uplifted a whole gopher in bholaganj kowari. In this process at first all labor removes sand above of kowari. Step by step they go under the hole. When they gopher 7 or 8 feet. then comes water automatically in the kowari. After that this water was removed from the irrigation machine. Then labor uplifted the stone. Stone uplift’s other process name is “shiber boat”. Labor are uplifted in this process very easily. In this process an irrigation machine is attached with a boat. Which machine engine fan turns around under the water. And the fan rotates, the soil softens and the stone comes out. Then with the help of joki the stones are in the boat. In this process thousands of laborer’s uplifted the stone. and this scene is very enjoyable. 

Bholaganj land custom station:

Bholaganj custom Station which is used for export and import  activities. This station Bangladeshis businessmen import limestone. Everyday hundred trucks enter Bangladesh with limestone. This custom station is located on the border zero line. The  limestone import scene is very attractive near every tourist.

How to go:

From anywhere at first you have to go kodom-toli sylhet. then take a rickshaw to go amborkhana it take 50 tk bdt. And then you found here CNG to go Bholaganj, it takes 130 tk per person one way. you can Reserve a CNG also it take 1200 tk to 1300 for go and come.

After reaching bholaganj you have to rent a boat to go to sada pathor,it will take 700-1000 taka.

Where to stay:

There is a rest house of the district council, under the control of the Upazila Nirbahi Officer. If you want to stay here, you have to get permission from the Upazila Executive Officer.Besides, there is no better system to stay in Bholaganj or Companiganj upazila. You will be able to stay in Sylhet after completion of Bholaganj visit.

You can check our blog list of  Sylhet hotels.

Jaflong – best tourist place in Sylhet :

Jadukata – Sylhet best tourist places:

 Lawachera – picnic spot in Sylhet :

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visiting place in Dhaka City

Top 5 Tourist Spots In Dhaka That You Shouldn’t Miss

Dhaka the city where dreams  are made and fulfilled .From jam-packed railway stations to the famous tea stalls the uniqueness of Dhaka City is beyond words .We all know Dhaka , the gorgeous capital of Bangladesh is known for it’s exceptional beauty and quality of life .The city is full of amazing tourist spot , eye catchy sightseeing spots , Historical Place , Old Dhaka History and much more.
If you are planning a trip to Dhaka ,make sure you visit the best tourist place in Dhaka to remember the unforgettable scene in this city. For that reason  Dhaka Digital listed down some of the amazing Dhaka visiting place ,those will make you fall in love again and again .

Place to visit in Dhaka City with your family :

Are you visiting  Dhaka with your parents spouse, and kids? The city has a long list of places to visit in Dhaka City where families can have fun and create indelible memories. Here’re some of the best places to visit in Dhaka with family:

Panam nagar/Panam City:

Panam Nagar One day tour package

Panam Nagar /Panam City ,the best place to visit in Dhaka was built by fifteenth-century Bengal ruler Isa Khan . Visit this place late evening to enjoy the real beauty of Panam Nagar . panamacity is popular tourist spot near Dhaka City and most important highlights in Bangladesh .

Things to do in panam city :
Panam city is the best popular destination for one day tour place near Dhaka, you can spend your full day visiting the panamcity with Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum and other tourist attraction of Sonargaon .
Address of Panam Nagar / Panam City:
Sonargaon, Narayanganj, Bangladesh
Timing : 6 days in a week
off day: Sunday is off day of Panam Nagar
Entry fee of Panam City:
The entry of Panam City /Panam Nagar for local tourist 15 BDT and for international tourist 100 BDT.

Lalbagh Fort – One of  the best tourist place in Dhaka:

Lalbagh Fort / Lalbagh kella is one the best historical places in Dhaka , This is one of the most visited Tourist place in Dhaka City for that reason we give it 2nd position among all the best place to visit in Dhaka . This Historical place is located at Old Dhaka and this is most popular and renowned  fort a signature by Mughal Empire .

History of lalbagh fort: 

Mughal prince Muhammad Azam, third son of Aurangzeb started the work of the fort in 1678 during his vice-royalty in Bengal. He stayed in Bengal for 15 months. The fort remained incomplete when he was called away by his father Aurangzeb.

Shaista Khan was the new subahdar of Dhaka in that time and he didn’t finish the fort. In 1684, the daughter of Shaista Khan named Iran Dukht Pari Bibi passed on there. After her passing, he began to think the fort as unlucky, and left the structure deficient. Among the three noteworthy pieces of Lalbagh Fort, one is the tomb of Pari Bibi.

Lalbagh kella/ Fort opening time :

The opening time of Lalbagh kella is Morning 10:00 AM and close at Evening  6:00 PM . 

Lalbagh fort / Lalbagh Fort off day:

Most of the asked question is what is off day of Lalbagh kella , The answer is the off day of lalbagh kella is Sunday .

Lalbagh kella ticket price: 

Lalbagh kella ticket price is for local tourist 20 Tk per person and for international tourist it will be 100 Tk .

Sadarghat – Best 1 day tour place near Dhaka :

visiting place Dhaka

Collect from Internet

Sadarghat is the most dynamic place in Dhaka City , Are you want to see sunset in Dhaka then Sadarghat is the best place see sunset . The sadarghat launch terminal is one of the most largest launch terminal in the world . More than 300 launches departure and arrive at Sadarghat Launch Terminal . According to Dhaka Digital report there are 40000 use the terminal for departure or arrival . We are Damn sure you may see what you can never experience in the world .

See Also : Dhaka to Barisal Launch

How to go Sadarghat : 

From anywhere to Dhaka just take a cng and you can easily reach here .


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Best resort near dhaka

Best Resorts Near Dhaka – 2022

Top 5  resort in Gazipur

Are you looking for the best resorts in Gazipur? Then look at the best resorts in Gazipur. Then first know about Gazipur. Gazipur is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. Gazipur is a district in central Bangladesh. The area of Gazipur is 49.32km. Gazipur is a major industrial city located 25 km north of Dhaka. At present Gazipur is one of the digital districts of Bangladesh.

In this post we are talking about best resort in Gazipur, Gazipur all resort list, cheap resort in Gazipur, all resort in Gazipur, top 10 resort in Gazipur,  Gazipur cheap resort.

Top Resorts in Gazipur:

⦁ Chuti Resort Gazipur
⦁ Sarah Resort Gazipur
⦁ Saheb Bari Resort
⦁ Bhawal Resort & Spa
⦁ Greenview Golf Resort
⦁ Third Terrace Resort
⦁ Nokkhottrobari Resort
⦁ Dream Square Resort
⦁ Reverie Holiday Resort
⦁ The Rajendra Eco Resort & village


Best Resort In Gazipur – Chuti Resort Gazipur:

best resort in gazipur

Chuti Resort is ensuring world class Eco Lifestyle in Bangladesh. This is a 4 star standard boutique Resort near to Bhawal Rajbari surrounded by natural attraction .

About Chuti Resort Gazipur:

Chuti Resort is one of the best resort in Dhaka Gazipur and people also called this Gazipur Resort .
Chuti Resort, eighteen kilometers from Dhaka Airport which is easily accessible by road and it takes only one hour and thirty minutes to reach, lies in a rural environment of Sukundi village of Gazipur on 54 bigha of land which is near to the heritage site “Bhawal Rajbari” and “Bhawal National Park”. Breathtaking views of surrounding lake water and wildlife in amazing natural beauty of land covered with dense green blanket of flora makes anyone feel like enjoying the country’s natural heritage.

1 Chuti Resort Best Facilities:

Eco-Friendly Boutique Resort
Eco-Resort: Chuti lodges facility that takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint while giving back to its local community. Some of the best ways that we practice to make our resort more eco -friendly and sustainable like maintain energy saving, limit water waste, have guests reuse linens, equip staff with eco-friendly cleaning staff, serve local and organic food, consider composting etc.

Complementary with Rooms
⦁ Swimming Pool,
⦁ Outdoor Jacuzzi,
⦁ Play Ground,
⦁ Sports Zone,
⦁ Kids’ Zone,
⦁ Tree House,
⦁ Wi-Fi,
⦁ Country Boating,
⦁ Breakfast & Bottle of Water.

Chuti Resorts Cottages & Price:

Wodden Cottage Chuti Resorts Best Resorts in Gazipur


Price: 8000/Night

Contact : 01821-239324


Best Resort In Gazipur – Duplex Vila :

Tk. 9,500++/night
Duplex Villa

Best Resort in Gazipur – Deluxe Twin:

Tk. &,500++/night
Deluxe Twin

Best Resort in Gazipur – Premium Twin:

Tk. 6,500++/night

Premium Twin

Best Resort in Gazipur – Platinum King 

Tk. 7,500++/night
Platinum King

Resort in Gazipur – Executive Suite: 

Tk. 7,500++/night
Executive Suite

Resort in Gazipur – Royal Suite :

Royal Suite
Tk. 16,500++/night


2 Bhawal resort & spa in Gazipur:

bhawal resort & spa in gazipur picture

Vawal resort is one of the best resort in Dhaka Gazipur , Bhawal Resort located only 31 miles away from Dhaka. A discrete location surrounded by forest is one of its unique delight. If you are nature lover then this is the best place for you . Bhawal Resort consists of 62 individual villas for family, couples and honeymooners with attractive facilities. The best thing is Bhawal resort & spa is the best resort for couples .

Bhawal resort price :

Bhawal resort price are depend on two side one is villa & other is Suite ,there are more then 62 villas in Bhawal Resort ,so let’s see Bhawal resort & spa price list :


Price: 13,800.00

Contact: 01821-239324


Bhawal resort ONE BEDROOM SUITE:

Price: 18,400.00

Contact: 01821-239324


Bhawal resort food prices :
The beautiful Bhawal resort & spa have own restaurant to serve their valuable customer  quality food .the food prices are bit high for quality reason ,let’s see Bhawal resort food price list:
Bhawal resort contact number :
The contact number of Bhawal Resort is  01821-239324
3 Sarah resort Gazipur :
best resort in gazipur

best resort in Gazipur

Sarah resort in one of the best quality Resort in Gazipur Dhaka . The beautiful resort is located 30 kilometer away from Dhaka City . If you are couple then Sarah Resort Gazipur is the  best option .Sarah Resort is  unique intermingling of nature friendly yet designed with all modern state of art equipment and luxury facilities .
Sarah resort Gazipur room price:
The price range of Gazipur Sarah resort is very much budget friendly ,if your budget is low no worries Sarah Authority may consider  Sarah resort Gazipur cost.
Sarah Resort features 22 Premium King Rooms, 6 Superior Top King, 6 Superior Top Twin, 12 Superior King, 24 Superior Twin, 6 Deluxe King/Twin, 6 Signature King Rooms, 6 Grand King Rooms, 3 Executive King Rooms, 2 Executive Suite and 1 Presidential Villa (3 B/R). All guests’ rooms & suites are designed with the latest state of the art technology and furnished in modern contemporary style, all to give the utmost comfortable work and sleep environment.

Sarah Resort – Premium Villa:

Room Type: Premium King
Size: 382 sft. | No of rooms: 22
Contact : 01821-239324
Price : 13,500 BDT
Room Type: Deluxe King & Twin
Size: 322, 375 & 418 sft. | No of rooms: 06
Price: 8500 BDT

Sarah Resort – Two Bed Room Suite :

Room Type: Executive Suite
Size: 1169 sft. | No of rooms: 02
Price: 25500 BDT

Sarah Resort – Water Front Villa :

Room Type: Signature King
Size: 572 sft. | No of rooms: 06
Price: 14500 BDT

Sarah Resort – Presidential Villa:

Room Type: Premium King
Size: 422 sft. | No of rooms: 03
Price: 66,000 BDT
Sarah resort Gazipur location:
The Beautiful Sarah resort is located Sarah Resort Rajabari, Rajendrapur, Sreepur, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh .
4 Saheb Bari Resort: 
Best Resort in Gazipur for couples

Best Resort in Gazipur for couples

Saheb Bari Resort is one of the best eco friendly resort in Gazipur Dhaka , It also known as cheap resort in Gazipur . It is cheap through but it’s services quality and natural environment is totally satisfied .For that reason this is best resort for couples .
saheb bari resort
saheb bari resort contact number
Let see their room price:
Sarah resort Gazipur room price
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sarah resort gazipur location
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