best isp in dhaka city

Best ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Dhaka -2022

Best ISP in Dhaka City

What are the best internet providers in Dhaka city ? Honestly speaking, we have been asked this, and we, ourselves, have asked this quite a few times on different platforms. We understand that with a flurry of internet service providers (ISPs) in the market, choosing the one that best matches your personal and work requirements is a tough ask.

However, you have to guess no more since has your back!

With our compilation of the top internet service providers in Dhaka City, we will make sure that our readers across the city can stay connected to us at the best internet speed and the most affordable package.

So, without further ado, let’s get browsing!


Backed by the recent trend of working from home and freelancing, high-speed internet has become a necessity similar to water, gas, and electricity. We all know for a fact that there are quite many constraints of working from home, but none as disturbing as a slow internet connection. Further, with a slow internet connection, it gets quite hectic to stay on top of your work schedule, along with managing your personal life.

Here’s our round-up of best ISPs in Dhaka City :

Link3 Technologies : 

If you are living in Dhaka City ,then you must familiar with link 3 technology . According to Dhaka Digital Report ,  Link 3 Technology has become a leading name in Bangladesh due to its extremely professional and comprehensive services.

Internet Packages Offered by Link 3 Technologies:

Link 3 technologies

Package Name Mbps Price
Cheetah 20Mbps BDT 1,200
Youth 10Mbps BDT 800
Youth Plus 11Mbps BDT 840
Chaser 12Mbps BDT 880
Surfer Plus 15Mbps BDT 1,000
Cheetah Plus 22Mbps BDT 1,280
Swift 50Mbps BDT 2,400
Extreme 100Mbps BDT 4,400

Contact Details: 


Address: Police Plaza Concord, 13th Floor (Tower-1), Plot-02, Road- 144, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212

Contact Number: 01821-239324

DOT Internet:

Dot Internet is another best internet provider in Dhaka City , Now considered among the largest internet service providers in Bangladesh .If it is available in your area, go for it without a second thought. Powered by Cybernet, Dot Internet is currently serving in all major cities. The service provider proclaims to be the most reliable in Bangladesh, and it has also gained popularity due to its high-speed internet and extremely responsive customer service.

Dot Internet Packages: 

Dot internet packages

Package Mbps Price
🔥 Gold 40 Mbps TK1000
🔥 Platinum 50 Mbps TK1200
🔥 Diamond 60 Mbps TK1500
🔥 Sapphire 80 Mbps TK2000





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