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Dhaka to Chandpur launch 2023

Chandpur launch Time table Price Contact Number

Chandpur is Know as Hilsha Fish Area and most of the tourist or peoples are came here to take advantage of it . There are many ways to came Chandpur but Dhaka to Chandpur Launch is most reliable and comfortable way from all side .

Dhaka City ; Dhaka is Capital of Bangladesh , and Chandpur is the third largest city in Beautiful Bangladesh with edge of padma river . There lot of traveler daily travel to Dhaka to Chandpur Launch route .

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Dhaka to Chandpur by Launch 

Chandpur government college picture

Chandpur government college picture

Nowadays Dhaka to Chandpur launch way is the golden route of Bangladesh .More than 20 launch daily brings passenger from Dhaka to Chandpur and Chandpur to Dhaka ,in that case you can understand this is a heavily profitable business in Bangladesh . Everyday almost 30-50 thousand visitor traveling  in this route .From 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM launch are leaving lalkuthi launch terminal .

Are you come for Dhaka to Chandpur launch information ,yes then you are right place .In this article we talk about Dhaka to Chandpur launch cabin price , Dhaka to Chandpur launch time table ,Dhaka to Chandpur launch ticket price 2022, Dhaka to Chandpur launch distance, Dhaka to Chandpur launch contact number .

Dhaka to Chandpur launch time schedule:

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Dhaka to Chandpur Launch Day Schedule: 

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Dhaka to Chandpur launch contact number:

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Dhaka to Chandpur launch online ticket

Dhaka to Chandpur launch cabin

Dhaka to Chandpur launch cabin price 2022:

Dhaka to Chandpur launch cabin price are start from ,

Single Cabin: 600 BDT

Ac Single Cabin: 800 BDT

Double Cabin: 1200 BDT

Ac Double Cabin: 1500 BDT

VIP:  2000 BDT – 5000 BDT

Dhaka to Chandpur launch  ticket price 2022:

Ticket pares are  very low for water vehicles .  The Dhaka to Chandpur ticket price is vary on class so if you are going to 3rd grade flooring it will be take 100 tk and downstairs chairs are 150 tk .Dhaka to Chandpur ac chair ticket price is 200-250 TK ,Dhaka to Chandpur launch single cabin price is 500 – 700 TK, AC Single cabin 1000 TK , Double Cabin ticket price is 1000 to 1200 TK and VIP launch cabin price will be 1500 TK to 4000 TK .

Dhaka to Chandpur Launch Ticket Price/vara 2022:

Dhaka to Chandpur launch ticket price are start from 100 BDT to 5000 BDT Based on class, here is the list of Dhaka to Chandpur Launch Ticket Price:

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Dhaka to Chandpur Distance :

The distance of Dhaka to Chandpur is  118 KM and 541 meters / 73.7 miles.

Dhaka to Chandpur Launch :

In this article we will know about all available launches from Chandpur to Dhaka and Dhaka to Chandpur :

MV AL Borak Launch – Dhaka to Chandpur:

MV Al Borak Launch is one of the most popular launch is Dhaka to Chandpur route , more then 500 + person can go by this launch . From Dhaka it left evening 6 : 00 PM and arrived Chandpur night 11:00 PM  . This launch served seven days in a week .

For buying Mv al borak launch ticket call : 01821-239224

Contact & Details:

Dhaka Left : 6: 00 pm

Chandpur Left : 7: 00 am

number : 01821-239324

 Launch MV Sonar Tori- Dhaka to Chandpur Launch:

The Sonar Tori launch for the Dhaka to Chandpur route is set for the morning. And this flight departs from Dhaka at 7 a.m. for Chandpur. Although this may change depending on the circumstance. However, the scheduled departure time is 7 a.m. And this launch is scheduled to arrive in Chandpur at approximately 11 a.m.

For buying MV Sonar Tori Ticket please call here  01821-239324


Contact and Details:

Dhaka Left : 7:00 a.m.
Chandpur Left : 6:00 p .m.
Contact No: 01821-239324

MV AL Deshantor – Best Launch Dhaka to Chandpur:

MV al deshantor is known as king of Chandpur, this is one of the most large launch in Chandpur to Dhaka. Additionally, this is another scheduled early launch of the Dhaka to Chandpur route. Additionally, this launch has its services functioning in all of the Ferighat stated. However, the timing may vary depending on the distance.

As a result, this launch is scheduled to depart Dhaka at approximately 6:45 a.m. Additionally, this launch will arrive at Chandpur around 11 a.m.

For buying Mv al Deshantor launch ticket call : 01821-239224

Contact and Details:

Launch Name: MV AL Deshantor Launch
Dhaka Left : 6:45 a.m.
Chandpur Arrival : 11:00 a.m.
Contact No: 01716501077

MV Bogdadia Launch- Classic Dhaka to Chandpur Launch:

MV Bogdadia is another top class launch in Chandpur to Dhaka Launch, also its known as queen of Chandpur . If you are looking for perfect trip to Dhaka to Chandpur or Chandpur to Dhaka then MV Bogdadia is best option for you.

If you like to utilize the services of this launch. Then, you can certainly contact them via their phone number. This launch service can be reached at 01712737227. Following that, speak with their representatives to obtain additional information about this launch.

For buying Mv al Bogdadia launch ticket call : 01821-239224

Contact and Details:

Launch Name: MV Bogdadia
Dhaka Left: 10:00 AM
Time of Arrival: 12:40 PM
Contact No: 01712737227

MV ROF ROF 2 -Dhaka to Chandpur Launch:

MV Rof Rof 2 is another best launch in Dhaka to Chandpur, The MV ROF ROF launch is set to leave Dhaka at midday for Chandpur. This Chandpur to Dhaka launch departs for Chandpur at 12:05 p.m. Again, the flight from Dhaka Ferighat to Chandpur takes about 3 hours. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a launch that departs from Dhaka at noon, this is the launch for you.

Their tickets, however, are accessible at the Ferighat desk. You can still contact them at 01818002029 for further information on their tickets. Specifically, they want to know if their tickets are still available from the launch’s personnel.

For buying Mv ROF ROF launch ticket call : 01821-239224

Contact and Details:

Launch Name: MV ROF ROF 2
Dhaka Left: 12:05 PM
Time of Arrival: 3:00 PM
Contact No: 01818002029

Chandpur Tourist Spot:

There are lot of tourists spot in Chandpur Bangladesh. We found 10 tourist places in Chandpur those are most attractive tourist spot in Chandpur such as Chandpur Boro Station ,Haziganj Boro Masjid, Angikar a Liberation Statue, Alamgiri Mosque, Hazrat Sayed Shah Rasti (R) Mazar & Mosque ,Rupsa Zamindar Bari, Three Domed Mosque, Neelkuthi, Chowdhury Bari Fort, Dighi at Saharpar .

Chandpur Boro Station:



Chandpur Boro Station is most attractive tourist spot in beautiful Chandpur, This is the mohona of Padma -Megna & Dakatia that’s why it called 3 river mohona .The view of sunset from Chandpur Boro station you can’t forget in  your entry life .

Hazigonj Boro Masjid:

Hajigonj Boro Masjid

Hajigonj Boro Masjid Is one most attractive and the oldest masjid in Comilla District .The Beautiful Masjid was build in 1373 during the rule of Bengal sultan Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah . This is listed landmark in Chandpur District .

How to go : There are lot of bus services available to go Chandpur to Hajigonj ,it will take 30 BDT – 50 BDT based on service .

Dhaka to Barisal Launch