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Best Diamond Shops in Dhaka City (2023)

Are you seeking for the perfect diamond to make your special occasion even more spectacular? If so, then Dhaka is the place to be! With its wide variety of diamond shops offering unique and exquisite pieces, Dhaka has become a hotspot for shoppers seeking the most beautiful diamonds. From traditional cuts to modern designs, these …

best gold shop in dhaka

10 Best Jewellery Shop in Dhaka City

The Top 10 best jewellery shops in Dhaka are Al-Amin Jewellers , Amin Jewellers , DD Mas , Chowdhury Gold, Gaurav Jewellers and so on. The current 22k gold price is 10 g 54000 BDT . Check Also : Best Eye Hospital in Dhaka Jewellery shop Dhaka Humans have used jewellery for a number of …