Welcome, travelers, to Greenline Paribahan! Discover essential information, including our counter number , ticket price , sleeper bus ticket price and so on . Established in 1990, we are a leading privately-owned bus transport company. Renowned for our deluxe passenger transportation services, we are currently one of the most popular choices in Bangladesh.

Beyond Bangladesh, our bus company extends its services both nationally and internationally. With a fleet of over 60 buses on various routes, Greenline buses traverse the nation, with a particular focus on tourist cities. The remarkable outlook and outstanding service provided by our buses create a truly mind-blowing experience for passengers.

Greenline Paribahan

In this article we will write about green line sleeper coach and green line paribahan online ticket and so many counters number of Greenline paribahan .

Green line sleeper coach

One of the most famous service of Greenline paribahan is sleeper bus service , this is first company who brings sleeper bus in Bangladesh. A bus designed for overnight travel is called a sleeping coach. These buses typically have seats that can recline into flat beds, making it easier for passengers to sleep on them while traveling.

Greenline Paribahan Counter Number

Dhaka Counter 

Being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka serves as the hub for public administration, commerce, and culture. Consequently, a significant number of individuals commute to and from Dhaka for various purposes. As highlighted in our earlier article, Green Line Paribahan offers transportation services throughout Bangladesh.

Given Dhaka’s significance, Green Line has established several bus counters in the city. To assist you, we have compiled a table below, outlining the locations and contact numbers of Green Line bus counters in Dhaka. Please refer to the table for more details.

Counter Name Counter Address Contact Number
Rajarbagh 9/2 Outer Circular Road, Momenbagh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Arambagh 167/1 Eden Complex, Arambagh, Motijheel, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Fakirapool 12 Fakirapool, Hotel Estern, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Kalabagan 69 Sheikh Rasel Square, Kalabagan, Panthapath, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Kallayanpur – 1 4 South Kallayanpur, Sohrab Petrol Pump, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Kallayanpur – 2 9 South Kallayanpur, Khaleq Petrol Pump, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Sayedabad 35/9 Brammanchiran, Golapbagh, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Uttara House # 4, Road #12, Sector #6 House Building, Uttara, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Badda Kha/195, Middle Badda, Opposite of Lion Eye Hospital, Gulshan, Dhaka. 01970-864497
Nadda Abid Ali Market, Opposite of Jamuna Future Park, Nadda, Gulshan, Dhaka. 01970-864497

Chittagong Counters

Green Line bus counters are conveniently situated throughout the Chittagong district. For your reference, we have listed the addresses and phone numbers of these counters below. Should you have any inquiries, please collect the Green Line Paribahan counter numbers and locations from the provided information. Feel free to use the listed numbers to contact any of the counters.

Counter Name Counter Address Contact Number
A.K. Khan 149/A/208 AK Khan Main Road, Chittagong. 01970-864497
Dampara – (New) 34 Zakir Hossain Road, Dampara, Chittagong. 01970-864497
Dampara – (Old) 5/6 Zakir Hossain Road, Dampara, Chittagong. 01970-864497

Cox’s Bazar Counters

As you’re aware, Green Line Transport primarily caters to tourist cities, and Cox’s Bazar stands out as one of the most sought-after destinations. Given the popularity of this tourist city, many individuals seek the best service provider for a comfortable journey, with the Green Line bus being a preferred choice. To assist you further, we will furnish the addresses and contact numbers of Green Line bus counters in Cox’s Bazar.

Counter Name Counter Address Contact Number
Jhawtola 10 No Ward Jhawtola Main Road, Cox’s Bazar. 01970-864497
Kolatoli 12no Ward Kolatoli Main Road,
Hotel Honeymoon, Cox’s Bazar.
Terminal Counter Oposit of Interdistrict Bus Terminal, Cox’s Bazar. 01970-864497

Jessore Counters

Situated in the southwestern region of Bangladesh, Jessore is a pristine and attractive city that draws people from various locations for numerous reasons.

For your convenience, Green Line bus services are accessible in Jessore. We’ve compiled the counter location and contact number for Green Line buses in Jessore, presented in the box below for your reference.

Counter Name Counter Address Contact Number
Gari Khana Gari Khana Road, Jessore. 01970-864497
Newmarket Khajora Bus Stand, Newmarket, Jessore. 01970-864497

Green Line Bus Teknaf Counters

Counter Name Counter Address Contact Number
Dumdumia Gate Dumdumia Gate Bus Counter, Teknaf. 01970-864497
Abdullah Filling Station Abdullah Filling Station Bus Counter, Teknaf. 01970-864497

Green Line Bus Sylhet Counters

Sylhet Division holds significant importance in Bangladesh, primarily known for its tourism appeal. Visitors from across the country flock to this region to bask in its natural beauty.

In a bid to facilitate the travel of these individuals and enhance their comfort, Green Line Transport has established multiple ticket counters in Sylhet. To assist you, we’ve organized the Green Line Paribahan counter numbers and locations in a scrollable table for easy access and reference.

Counter Name Counter Address Contact Number
Mazargate Hajrat Shah Jalal (Rh.) Mazar Gate, Sylhet. 01970-864497
Subhanighat Subhanighat Main Road, Opposite of Oasis Hospital, Sylhet. 01970-864497
Humayun Rashid Chattar Humayun Rashid Chattar, 22 Kadamtoli Mur, Sylhet. 01970-864497

Green line paribahan ticket price

The price of a Green Line bus ticket changes depending on where you are going. Usually, bus companies decide how much tickets cost. They might have different prices for different types of tickets and give discounts for certain groups, such as students and seniors.

Green Line Paribahan is a popular bus service in Bangladesh. They have different prices for different services and routes. Look below for the latest cost of a Green Line bus ticket. Here, you can see prices for all types of Green Line buses.

Road Ticket Price
Dhaka – Chittagong 900 BDT
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar 1500 BDT
Dhaka – Satkhira 1000 BDT
Dhaka – Kolkata 1400 BDT
Dhaka – Barisha 850 BDT
Dhaka-Kuakata 1200 BDT

Green Line Double-Decker Bus Ticket Price

Road Ticket Price
Dhaka – Sylhet 1500 BDT
Dhaka – Chittagong 1600 BDT
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar 2500 BDT
Dhaka – Khulna 1400 BDT
Dhaka – Rangamati 1700 BDT
Dhaka – Barisha 1200 BDT
Dhaka – Khagrachhari 1600 BDT
Dhaka – Kuakata 1600 BDT