Banani is the heart of Dhaka City (capital city of Bangladesh) , it is not only commercial area but also heaven for food paradise .Among its array of dining choices, Banani’s rooftop restaurants provide an unparalleled culinary journey, blending delectable cuisine with breathtaking vistas of the city skyline. Below is a handpicked selection of the finest 10 rooftop eateries in Banani, ensuring a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

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As we know Dhaka town is the largest city in Bangladesh also most crowded city and Banani is one of major sub town , so there are a lot a of rooftop restaurant located in Banani , but in this article we only talk about 10 Best Rooftop restaurant in Banani .

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  1. Cielo Rooftop Banani

  2. Tree House

  3. ChileKotha

  4. Tribe

  5. Alfresco

  6. La Marisco

  7. Jatra Biroti


  9. UrbanSpoon

  10. Zephyr

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Cielo Rooftop Banani – Best Rooftop

Cielo Rooftop Banani

Located in the busy area of Banani-11, Cielo Rooftop stands out as one of the premier rooftop dining destinations in Dhaka City, known for its tranquil atmosphere and visually appealing aesthetics. Guests can indulge in a variety of culinary delights that span continental and fast food options, complemented by an extensive array of drinks and desserts. This makes it an ideal spot not just for food enthusiasts but also for those looking to enjoy quality time, all offered at prices that won’t break the bank.

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  • Google Map: Cielo Rooftop Banani
  • Contact Number: 01879990001
  • Opening Hours: 11 AM – 12 AM
  • Cuisine Class: Italian, Seafood
  • Recommended Cuisine: Dessert and Coffee
  • Special Features: Featured Mocktails
  • Price range: 700 TK – 1000 TK

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Tree House – Classic Rooftop

best rooftop restaurant in banani

Located in the heart of Banani at road 13/E, Tree House captivates diners with its enchanting rooftop setting, providing a picturesque spot to enjoy a vast selection of continental and fusion dishes. This dining haven is particularly famous for its carefully curated set menu platters that showcase a blend of oriental and Chinese flavors. If you are photo clickers then this is the best place for you , In addition to these themed offerings, discerning patrons might take pleasure in exploring the more sophisticated BBQ and steak options, which elevate the dining experience to new heights of culinary delight.

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ChileKotha – Couple Rooftop Restaurant

best rooftop restaurant in banani

Located in the charming locale of Banani Block F, ChileKotha stands out with its verdant rooftop setting, offering patrons a unique dining experience amidst greenery. This distinguished eatery is renowned for its authentic Bengali dishes, a delightful fusion known as Bangla Chinese cuisine, and an array of succulent kebabs. Its diverse menu caters to the tastes of different food lovers, making it a sought-after destination for those looking to savor traditional and contemporary flavors. Their menu offers a choice between traditional Bengali dishes and Bangla Chinese cuisine, as well as a variety of delicious Kebab items that are highly recommended to try.

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  • Google Map: Chilekotha Restaurant Banani
  • Contact Number: 01613214169
  • Opening Hours: 12.00 PM – 11.00 PM
  • Cuisine Class: Bengali and Chinese
  • Recommended Cuisine: Kebab
  • Special Features: 
  • Price range: 1200Taka  – 1500 Taka

Tribe Rooftop Lounge – Rooftop With Swimming pool

best rooftop in banani 

Although most cafes in Dhaka use the word “Lounge” in their names, very few offer a genuine lounge experience. Tribe Rooftop Lounge is an exception to this, located on the top of Platinum Grand Hotel Gulshan. Tribe provides a top-notch lounge experience with a wide selection of drinks and food options, including salads, gourmet steak, surf and turf, and fillets as well as signature cocktails. In short, Tribe Rooftop Lounge offers an authentic lounge experience that is hard to find in other cafes in Dhaka.

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  • Address: 52 Road No. 11, Block F Banani Model Town, Dhaka, Bangladesh 1213
  • Google Map: TRIBE Rooftop Lounge
  • Contact Number: 01964-444111
  • Opening Hours: 5.30 PM – 10.30 PM
  • Cuisine Class: Italian, Asian
  • Recommended Cuisine: Steak, Pizza
  • Special Features: Signature Cocktails
  • Price range: 1500TK – 2000TK

Jatra Biroti – Top Notch Rooftop

best rooftop restaurant

Although Jatra Biroti is technically not considered part of Gulshan, it can be found on the outskirts by taking a left turn from Gulshan Circle 2. This restaurant is unique compared to others featured in the area; as it employs marginalized individuals as both waiters and cooks. The female chefs hail from different regions of Bangladesh and specialize in preparing authentic rural cuisine. Additionally, Jatra Biroti exclusively serves delicious vegetarian dishes.

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  • Google Map : Jatra Biroti Restaurant
  • Contact Number01731-819015
  • Opening Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM
  • Recommended Cuisine: Vegetarian dishes
  • Cuisine Class: Bengali
  • Special Features: Cultural nights and Open mic events
  • Price: 500- 1000 BDT (Main Course Per Person)

Tagore Terrace – Eye Catchy Rooftop 

best rooftop restaurant

If you’re a fan of Rabindranath Tagore and his literary works, Then Tagore Terrace is the perfect place for you. This coffee and reading place has been designed to transport you into the world of legendary bards, with its themed decor and poetic ambiance. Although the restaurant doesn’t offer an extensive menu, it makes up for it with its charming atmosphere and light snacks that perfectly complement the overall experience. The open outer terrace is adorned with grass and greener arrangements, creating a natural and serene setting that’s ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

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  • Google MapTagore Terrace
  • Contact Number: +880 1714-070077
  • Opening Hours: 12 PM – 11 PM (Friday 8 AM – 11 PM)
  • Recommended Cuisine: Coffee
  • Cuisine Class: Cafe, Mexican, American, Indian, Asian, Bangladeshi
  • Special Features: Poetic ambiance
  • Price: 700-1000 BDT (Light Snack Per Person)

Alfresco – Quality Rooftop

Positioned in Banani-11, Alfresco features a beautiful rooftop with a soothing ambiance and offers a diverse menu ranging from fast food to Chinese, Thai, Italian, and pizza. Patrons can indulge in appetizers, desserts, and must-try Chinese and Thai dishes, all at affordable prices.

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La Marisco – Best Rooftop

Nestled in the heart of Banani Block F, La Marisco is a culinary gem that boasts a stunning view of the picturesque Banani Model Town from its expansive open-air rooftop terrace. As a specialist in Chinese gastronomy, La Marisco prides itself on offering a meticulously curated menu of authentic Chinese dishes, each expertly prepared to tantalize the taste buds with a rich tapestry of flavors that are sure to delight any diner.

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Located on the 21st street of Banani, the rooftop garden oasis known as CHA BAGAN serves as an idyllic venue for exclusive events and personal get-togethers. Guests can savor flavorful dishes surrounded by a tranquil backdrop of verdant plants and a peaceful atmosphere. This enchanting setting ensures that diners have a memorable experience, relishing the company of family and friends in a uniquely serene environment.

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